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MG MGF Technical - Central locking fault help please!

Hi all, hope someone can shed some light on this fault for me. The car's an '04 TF, by the way.

Unlocked the car with the remote this morning , drove it and locked it again, no problems.

Pressed the button to unlock it this evening and the drivers door still appears to be locked, won't open, but the passenger door is unlocked, does open. I pressed the button again to try to lock it but no joy. The lights flash and the alarm sets but the passanger door remains unlocked. If I open the door the alarm operates.

I've checked the under bonnet fuse F5 which controls the alarm and the central locking and it's fine - only to be expected seeing as the alarm is still working. I can't even lock or unlock the doors with the key. Neither can I open the drivers door from the inside, so I can't even take the door card off to look at the lock mechanism. Effectivley, I'm stranded - I can't get in to drive it!

In summary - passanger door permanently unlocked, drivers door permanently locked, alarm operating correctly.

New battery fitted last week.

Hellllppppp!! PLEASE...

Andy Kenning

Assuming you can't open the drivers door because it keeps re locking itself then I suggest unlocking the passenger door as before and disconnect battery. Then open drivers door from inside and investigate fault. Could be a faulty door lock unit and /or the wiring is corroding where it is plugged in to the door lock ie the plug and socket. While you're under the bonnet disconnect the horns/s to save on the laundry bills! Reconnect later when it's fixed,

Bruce Caldwell

Weird, we have the exact same fault with out 2000 F. It just developed this morning, unlocked the car OK to leave for work. Arrived at work, got our, locked the car, then remembered there was something in there we needed & unlocked the car again but we can't unlock the drivers side door. The passenger locks & unlocks OK but not the drivers side. You can hear the whole system clicking through after the lock / unlock operation should have finished. The Alarm still operates though.
S Crowley

Update. The very very very nice man from the AA managed to fix it. Involving some lightening fast reactions. Turns out that it was simply out of sync.
S Crowley

Is there unusual sunspot activity or something? I went to unlock my 2000X MGF this morning - on pressing remote both door lock indicators rise and then immediately relock. Cannot open drivers door but with quick reactions can get into passenger door. Furthermore I cannot get the key fully into the manual lock. The alarm/immobiliser don't seem to be affected in so far as car remains driveable.

I have tried 4 cycles to confirm sync.

Can Andy give me an update on his problem as it sounds similar? Have you tried the advice given by Bruce?

DJ Ransome

Oddly enough, we've had 5 Rovers in the last few days that have had problems with their alarm control units (5AS). We fixed two of them today by replacing the defective units.
Ralph Gadsby

Last night I pressed the lock button on the remote, the alarm set, the passenger door locked but not the drivers door, MGF, any advice please? I did try manually pushing the drivers lock down and then from the remote locking but only the passengers lock popped back up again.
liz drew

To day went to unlock, work but there was a loud clicking sound coming from the lock,trid to start loud clicking from engine,no start. Kept tring the door was ok on unlocking tne same clicking on locking .Have tryed emergency over ride 5 times, horn sounds at end and still clicking on lock when useing key ,After a good few hours tring to get going the doors dont even unlock any more u can hear the unlock sound but no unlock have to us key. Dry ish inside door panal can see nothing wrong. I did leave out in the rain last sunday to find a boot leak and not been near it untill today sat. Any one else had this or no's what to do?, then please tell me as its like losing my hands not having my car at wkends. Car is a 1998 mgf vvc

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