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MG MGF Technical - Cheap Exhaust Systems - Discuss

Have seen sell SY-0002687 for 154 or thereabouts. This is a complete system from midpoint backwards, including cat + silencer. Anybody know if it's worth getting? My '96 VVC looks like it needs a new system soon.

J Lennon

Not come across it. If OEM standard with the correct tail pipes, it would appear to represent reasonable value :o)
Rob Bell

I don't really want to spend past 200 as there's some other work I need to do on the suspension and tyres.

If the cheapo system lasts a couple of years until I can replace with a Daytona or similar, then this seems the way to go, although if likely to severely degrade performance I don't want it!

If anyone knows of a used stainless set at <2k I'm interested.

J Lennon

I'll take mine off for 2k!

I found a complete, if a bit old, janspeed system and cat for 180ish on fleabay, Its worth keeping an eye on it just to see what comes along!
The original exhaust system and cat is brill (if a bit quite) up too, and i quote the more power to your elbow artcles by Roger Parker, about 180 bhp. so unless your running a VVC head with Sabre or DVA mods, 180-185ish, a standard but better condition system is better than even I gave it credit to be!
John Reed

The Janspeed back box we tested for MG World a few years back was rather disappointing - actually providing LESS power than standard - but it did have a loose baffle plat in the silence box, so perhaps it wasn't in peak health. Sounded absolutely stunning though (and my favourite sounding system in the test, followed by the Trevor Taylor system) - more here:
Rob Bell

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