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MG MGF Technical - 'Creamy stuff' in the oil - Is it HGF?

I'm looking for a bit of advice and would greatly appreciate anyones input.

I have a 97P VVC, done 47k.

I checked my oil before a planned long journey and noticed a creamy substance on the dip stick.

I took the oil cap off and looked inside but thats fine, and the oil itself in the reservoir is fine. Also the oil on the bottom of the dipstick, still looked like oil, but with creamy smears up the dip dipstick.

The collant hardly ever need topping up but it has now gone down to below half way.

Incidentally the oil temp light bulb has blown on the dash (Dont know if that means the actual gauge is faulty or just the bulb).

I had the car serviced about 3 mths ago and they said the collant rail looked corroded and may be leaking, but there is no evidence of water under the car.

Just had a mechanic -(a mate..not an MG specialist) look at it, and he reconed it may not be HGF and the creamy stuff may be due to a lot of short trips, and the coolant leak may be something else.

Could anyone tell me if this is likely HGF or something else???

Many many thanks!

B Stephens

your mate is probebly right, goo doesn't usually turn up on the top up cap, but would be on the filler cap (on the top of the engine).

Cold weather and short trips does cause condensation and is not definatly a bad sign.
Will Munns

TRhanks Will.
Excuse me for sounding dumb, but I assume the top up cap is the one next to the dipstick where i top up the oil. (that didnt have gunk on it)

Cant find the filler cap though...any pointers on how to find it appreciated.

B Stephens

It's on top of the cam cover - the only realistic way of finding it is to take off the engine cover/parcel shelf.

Keep an eye on the oil - if it gets worse quickly then you have HGF, if it clears up after a long drive then you probebly don't
Will Munns

cream on dipstick not uncommon at this time of year ,do keep a eye on water level this should not drop ,if it is get it checked for leaks.............
m e johnson

The guys are right, it could well be due to condensation. Our Mini had this when we first bought it. I cleaned the rocker cover and changed the oil. After which we took it out for an 'Italian Tune' (in otherwords a good thrash) and we have not had hellmans since. I would be hesitent to advise you to go for a good thrash in case there is a problem.

Maybe get it pressure tested first. If this doesn't show a problem, check oil and water levels then go for a good run. At least 20 miles and to include some fast dual carraigeway/motorway. This should be done every few weeks really to keep things in tip top shape.
Phil Brindley

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