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MG MGF Technical - Damaged LH Wing Mirror Unit - Grrrr

Hi All,

If interested, this is what happend to my MGTF.

Well, a few days ago, some low life scumbag had damaged my LH Wing mirror assembly and scratched my front LHS quarter panel. It looks like someone had slowly driven past whilst I was parked for the day near my work. They did not even leave a note. Anyway, after my blood pressure subsided somewhat, I had to tape it all up for the trip home. The mirror unit was snapped off and was hanging off.
I took the whole electric mirror unit off the car by removing the door card. I used a draw string to later pull in the wiring harness which I conneted to the wiring harness when I extracted the unit. The mounting bracket inside the round neck of the unit that holds the strong spring was snapped off and luckily I was able to fix it by installing a piece of thick wire thru the hole where the wires go to the connecting harness. I used a hook to tension the spring onto the wire loop that I feed thru the round neck hole.

There is nothing worse than some inconsiderate b*astad damaging other peoples property and just failing to take responsibilty for their actions.

Anyway, I feel better now that I have vented my anger, so, if anyone needs advise on mirror repair etc, I can help out there.......

Now time for a cool calming beer......

Oh, one thing I did discover was that the mirror is a heated version. There is no seperate switch in the car that I can see, so I wonder if it is on all the time while the car is running?


Hi Branko.

Yep, mirror heaters on all the time.

Some low life punk keyed all down the left hand side of my range rover recently.

I would have quite happily strung the little @#$&*@ up if I had caught him in the act.
Sam Murray

Hi Sam,
really sorry to hear about your vandelism. I suppose no CCTV cameras nanywhere nearby?
(At least mine was only a small scratch conmpared to yours).

I must investigate if the mirrors are acutally on all the time for Australian Models. If so, I may install a cut off/on switch so that they are not on when not needed.


Hi Branko,

as for the switch. See the archives of the BBS.
Our friend Carl did switches in already 8 years ago :)
Pic @
The reason for the location in the door cover was the easy access to the heater power line :)

Hi Dieter,
Thanks for the info. Yes, I had something similar in mind as the cct is easy to get to in the door area.

I read that the 2 mirrors draw total of 2amps all the time when car running.


No CCTV. It was a quiet residential street in a very nice part of Edinburgh.

Anyway, I could provide a very accurate description, without even seeing him.

Little scrote in dark clothing, a hoodie and trainers, accompanied by a number of similarly dressed urchins egging him on.

Sam Murray

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