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MG MGF Technical - Exhaust Heat Shield

Hi everyone,

I haven't posted anything for a while but still look at the BB on a regular basis. It has been a great help and I now know more about my MGF than any other car I have owned.

I have had my flame red 1996 1.8i for eight months now and am still absolutely delighted with it - one of the best things I have ever bought.

The car is only used at weekends and I would like to spend some money on it in the New Year getting it back to A1 condition (not that it's bad now). I will probably buy a Mike Satur Daytona exhaust system with downpipe and manifold. My question is, with a gleaming new exhaust at the back I don't really want it to be half covered by the heat shield, which looks really tatty now. It would probably have to be sawn off as the bolts are all rusted, but would it cause any problems if I removed it? I realise it might get a bit hotter in the boot but I was thinking of putting some heat resistant material under the boot carpet to compensate.

Any advice gratefully received.
Keith Phillips

There are many on this BBS who will tell you it is not necessary and I'll not disagree.

However I got a new(ish) one from the MGF Centre for a very small sum and when the new exhaust was fitted the garage also changed the heat shield and fitted a nice MGF/TF Bumper Filler from MS. While your in that area you may also consider replacing the old ceramic cat with the MS Sports Cat which I think has metal inside rather than ceramic.

took mine off ,well fell off more like, passed mot,and i,ve fitted a rear grill,no problems,with a hot boot as far as i can tell...mel..
m e johnson

Just Dont your freezer shopping in the boot, unless your Microwaves broke!!.......... de-frost in 5 Mins


Could be good for those who still have trouble drying out a leaky boot: just watch out for steam scalds when you open the lid.
Steve Madden


Run without the heat shield for 6(?) years now, no problems. The boot rearly gets *that* hot. Not ideal storage for icecream, I'd agree! ;o)
Rob Bell

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