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MG MGF Technical - Fan Resistor Pack Location

Does anyone know where exactly, is the cabin fan heater resistor pack located on a 1998 Australian MGF with Aircon?

Please be aware that these cars have intergrated airconditioning which are different to UK models.

Yes, I have searched and read every post about this in the archives but none show me info specifically for the airconditioning models, only the UK non-aircon models.

I have removed the glove box already and the side triangle panels.



this is No 2 here
You can't miss it, cause it's the only electrical connection to the heater box with 4 position connector.

thanks for the info, but it does not look like the epc accounts for models with Airconditioning.

I wonder if the resistor pack is in the same place?



Must be in the same place.
A/C is just _attached_ to the centre of the heater box with a bid 150mm diameter interconnection hose.
The above image is from an MGF with Air Con. LHD of course.

Branko, its up the top behind the oil temp and clock, according to my auto elec, a bugger to get to!. He ment cheaply as you have to dismantle the central consule.
Andrew Regens

Thanks Dieter and Andrew.

I'll have another crack at it soon.


It IS in the same place....

but the aircon pack is in the way. You need to dismantle the aircon pack to get to the resistors. I did it without de-gassing the system by dismantling the air box around the condensor - theres some spring clips that allow you to do this. However, prepare for a stiff neck and distinct lack of skin on your knuckles.

Good Luck!


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