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MG MGF Technical - Fitting a wind deflector / wind stop

Hi, once again I have a query and am seeking some assistance.

Last saturday I went to my local Rover scrap yard where I found the rear of a quite decent MGF. Inside was a wind deflector. Before attempting to go home to get some allen keys to remove it and pay the 10 asking price (as they are on ebay for 50+) I checked my TBar and there's no holes like on the one in the yard. Obviously I guess I need to drill new ones and if so, would it be that straight forward or is it not worth it?

Any comments would be greatly appreciated before I start hacking away and drilling into my recently purchased car

Thanks in advance
N Stevens

The mounting blocks cover the drillings, so you don't need to worry about making a tidy job of it. The trickiest bit is getting the holes in the right place (the blocks bolt into the bodywork under the plastic T-bar moulding. There is a template supplied originally with the kit, you may be able to find someone who still has theirs. I managed by having another install to measure from.
Mike Hankin

How much does the Scrappie want for the drilled T-Bar ??
Geoff F.
G. Farthing

Fitting the Windstop was fairly easy and does make a big difference. Have a look at Dieter's website I think he has a template on there as well.
Simon Andrews

To expand on my comment above, you will need to remove your 'T' bar to remove the existing bolts to fit the longer bolts and plastic spacers. To obtain the spacers, then you may well need to remove the donor car 'T' bar. You would then have no drilling problem and could remove it when /if you sell your car.
Geoff F.
G. Farthing

Thanks very much guys. I cant seem to open any links on Dieters site but im sure taking the TBar out would probably be the best option but the car was squeezed into the smallest corner and I could just get to the wind stop lying on the seats.

I think i'll just have to wear a cap! Im not that patient with tricky bits and the guy in the scrap yard wasnt very accommodating and wouldnt even lend me an allen key so i dont fancy trying to take the TBar out in there.

Thanks very much


N Stevens
See upper half for the windstop and template.

Anyway, do what Geoff said.
Get a ready drilled and keep the unhurt. Use another more friendly scrap yard.
An option is to upgrade the T-Bar to one with rear speaker grills.

Thanks very much Dieter. I can access your site now im at work, (better computer). I'll take a look around for another scrap yard, but like many other places, Manchester doesnt have as many as it used to have.
N Stevens

I have the fitting instructions if you want them.
Jon Baker

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