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MG MGF Technical - handbrake light

hi guys/girls,
my handbrake light seems to flicker on and off, i think there is a little play in the hendbrake.
where do you start to try and take up the slack??or adjust so the light dosent come on?(unless the handbrake is on fully)
or is there a switch that maybe needs a quick look at that could be causeing the light to come on??

cheers all

I have exactly the same problem on my 54 plate TF. Initially I thought it was a loose handbrake cable but it turns out to be a sticking rear caliper. It was the nearside.
I took it off and lubed around the handbrake mech to free it off. This lasted about two weeks and it is now sticking again.
Looks like a new caliper is in order. Around 90 for a new one, plus fitting if you can't diy.
It is very common on F/TF.

Don Hay

hopefully thats not my problem,if it is it can go back to the garage(its still under warranty)
i was thinking it might be something to do with the handle its self ,as there is a lot of play in it ,before you actully pull it on,
can you take this slack up??



you can adjust it out, but the cause is almost definatly the sticking caliper. Any MOT place will be able to check this for you.

If you care not about your handbreaking ability*:

In the centre console (the one you rest you elbow on) there is a plastic tray, it pulls up and out.

under the tray you can see a pipes, cables and a nut, the nut is the adjuster and is "cam'ed"

You may be able to turn the nut by hand, but probebly you will need a spanner (13mm IIRC)

turn the nut a couple of notches

Light is now out again.

*it is possible that the cable has stretched slightly if the car is very young
Will Munns

Oh and the play is caused by the cable not being pulled back by the caliper because the caliper is stuck
Will Munns

cheers will,
ive just done a complete brake fulid change and didnt notice the sticking caliper,
(i hope its not that) ,but i will get it checked,
it only passed its mot last week as well,
these calipers, can stick a lot then??
as mine has only done 26,500 miles on a 52 plate.
thought it might last longer.???


found the nut , it was slightly loose as i could turn it by hand,
gave it 2 turns in, light gone out,
cheers all,

still get my calipers checked though.


Pat, I hope you are all sorted and it was only th cable.

I started down the same route, tightening the cable, but noticed that the cables seemed to be uneven at the handbrake lever. I then decide to check the calipers.

Quite easy to check really. Jack up the rear of the car and pull up the handbrake a notch at a time and try spinning a wheel.
If all is good then they should lock evenly.
Or you can get someone to apply the handbrake whilst you watch the caliper. Very easy to spot a stuck one.

My first MOT is due in less than a month so I need to sort mine for then.

By the way my car has only done 8.5k from new so I guess it gets us all at some time!!

Don Hay

hi all,
i have not managed to get to the calipers yet, but something came to light today when i let my mate have a quick spin in the mg,
my handbrake only pulls up 2 clicks and its fully on(does this mean its knackered??)in or out of spec??(dodgy cable)new one needed/cure it??

as my mate seems to think its got to be at least 3 clicks ,all the way to 7 on some cars.(for mot's)

the car only passed its mot last week ,i thought they might have said something if this was the case??


the mot only cares that there is room left to pull further on the ratchet and that the brakes are off with the handle down (the light only tells you the position of the handle).

When you take it to be tested they will let you know if there are any problems, but the movement of the handle is not so much of a tell-tale.

That said, once I had fixed the caliper, it "felt right" which is almost impossible for me to convey - sorry
Will Munns

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