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MG MGF Technical - Heat always on

I have heat coming through on all fan settings, even when the setting is maximum cold. I guess a connection has broken of something, meaning that coolant is still going through the heater matrix.

Is this a common problem, or a DIY fix?

Thanks in advance!
P Shepherd


Sounds like the connection from the heater control knob to the valve has come undone.

If you take off the triangular panels at either side of the centre console, you should be able to locate the problem.

Good luck!

Sam Murray

Thanks Sam!

I heard somewhere else that there is some sort of tap that is reponsible for this?
P Shepherd

Sam Murray

your "tap" is Sams "valve"

I think Sam is more correct in his usage of valve, however in the UK we often use "Tap" to mean "valve"
Will Munns

This is the tap or valve.
located at the shiny bracket on the bottom of the heater.
Sam said already how to get there.
You'll find a wire mounted to the tap end, leading to the knob assy.

MGF BBS to the rescue once more!

Thanks everyone. Thats my Sunday Morning planned then!


ps-From now on I shall ajust my lingo to 'valve'
P Shepherd

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