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MG MGF Technical - Heated washer jets


It's getting chillier, and it's triggered unpleasant memories of not being able to see a thing through my windscreen because of all the road salt, and the jets frozen solid.

B&G sell a heated washer kit. Can anyone tell me whether this works effectively? How does it work - i.e. what gets heated, the jets or reservoir? What's involved in fitting it? I'm reasonably practical and logical, and my toolset includes at least one spanner and a wood chisel (though I doubt I'll be needing that). Are there others anyone would recommend?


All you need to know is on tony's site - I can't comment on them myself as i don't have them fitted, but have been considering them..


What a fantastic website - is there a Nobel prize category for this?

I might even get around to fixing my blower control resistor pack as well!

I fitted them to my last MGF. TBO I couldn't notice any difference so won't be bothering to fit them on the TF.
The heating elements are in the jets themselves, so if the pipe running to the jets freezes, you are still stuck without screenwash.
I find just using a screenwash with a low freezing point (get some -50 if your really worried) stops them freezing anyway.
FYI Moss sent me an sale leaflet last week, and the heated washer jet kit is in the sale :o)
Steve White

Mine burnt out last spring, out of the blue. Didn't even touch the hood, started the car and a burning smell.

Turned out the heating coil in the right jet had burnd out. Nasty smell.

Won't bother to install them again.

Johan Slagter

Have them (MGR standard fit) fitted. Work like a dream.

Essential for Scottish winter driving on cold M-ways when the screen wash at the end of the nozzles would evaporate, causing the remaining water to freeze in the nozzle. Remember, this happens no matter how much screen wash you have.
That is the only purpose of these heated jets.

For this reason, they heat the tip of the nozzle only. You still need to beef up the screen wash concentration to cope with the occasional -20degC cold snaps.

For Berkshire?

Paul Nothard

i have fitted them and quite easy. I did read in autoexpress once of a company that makes a kit that heats the water from the tank and has a button for de icing the front screen with constant little jets of the water. Cost about 200 can't find anything on it now though.
NJ Rawlings

I ordered some heated jets up from Moss, as they were in the sale. It turns out that they are no longer available (from Moss). But I've seen them on the MGOC site.

I also ordered an air horn at the same time. When the package arrived there were no washer jets, and the p&p was the same at 8.95. I rang up to complain and Moss refuned my p&p without a quibble. So 10 out of 10 for putting things right!


Just spotted a link on another forum to washer fliud heater kits being sold on Ebay. Look like it could be a good alternative heated washer jets, and doesn't cost that much more :D

The manufacturers website also has a supply search function just in case you don't like Ebay ;o)

Steve W

I have been thinking about getting heated washers for some time, and an excuse for a new gadget has proved to be too much so I will let you all know what the Hotshot is like when fitted.
C Tideswell

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