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MG MGF Technical - Heater blower control


My heater fan control has stopped working in both the 1 & 2 positions, is it just a variable resistor? is it a known problem?
Thanks for any advice
Wayne D

This is perhaps the most common failure on the F. There is a resistor pack (3 resistance wires mounted on a block), and you switch more resistance in with the lower switch positions. The pack costs about 25 and is a fairly easy replacement, unless you have air con.

Go to this site and on the left menu you will find "Heater Fan Resistor Pack". This gives instructions on how to change it.
Mike Howlett

I used this guy, can't recommend him highly enough, nice chunky resistors that will no doubt outlast the car.
Graham Martin

dont worry mate this is a common problem on all rover cars,before you buy check around,ive bought off ebayfor 10 pounds when you send your old resister away.i would reccomend this as doing i yourself is a pain unless you know what you are doing.

Rothbury and Durham on the same thread, is this for real? I thought I had the only MGF in the north of England? Fancy a meet with the other local F's?
H.T. Garnick

just tapping into your thread put the heater on yesterday morning and on setting 2 i had a small whiff of burning smell then it went away?

any thoughts on this... and i hope the above gets your car done...

thank you silver mgf darren jeffery
darren jeffery

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