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MG MGF Technical - How much to replace a radiator

had the dreaded HGF in December of last year. All fixed, but the oil temp on the car still seems to be a little on the high side when driven for long periods at high speeds (90 ish @ around 4000 rpm - not really officer) Also the fan (drivers side engine compartment) seems to come on a lot & is quite random in its operation.

When the car was @ MS last time it was suggested that we budget for a rad replacement in the near future but I just wondered how much others had paid for this.

We are planning on taking the car into Europe again next year & want it to be running right.

Cheers All


Just had the rad replaced on our Trophy 160. Bought a replacement aluminium item from ebay for 85 and had the MG Rover specialist in Chorley fit it, including replacing the coolant mixture, for 85.

Seems to have done a very good job.

David AP

Sally, MS does an ally one for around 125 IIRC. While your at it, have you checked the coolant pipes underneath ? - maybe worth fitting new ones while your doing the rad. Again MS supplies upgraded stainless steel alternatives to the standard pipes.

Also make abs certain to have the system bled with care once you have sorted the rad etc.

More money I know, but fitting a low water level sensor kit maybe worthwhile doing if you havn't got one already.
Steve P

And why not get the whole suite with a nice pressure release thermostat while you're at it - Goodness it is getting dark out there! ;o)

Thanks all, not quite as expensive as I was first fearing. *phew* It still might have to be done in stages though. Pipes or rad first, any thoughts?



Better to do as much as you can in one hit Sally. You save repeat labour costs on re-filling and bleeding the cooling system and minimise the chances of poor bleeding that might produce air locks and consequential damage.
Dave Livingstone

Forgot to mention up above that the guy I used was a technician at the late departed MG Rover Phoenix operation in Chorley and uses the vacuum pump method for emptying and refilling the coolant. Seems an essential bit of kit given the potential for trapped air in the system.

David AP

I second the coments about the under floor pipes worth doing while you are emptying the system. And making sure it is bleed properly to avoid trapped air bubbles!!
NJ Rawlings

>>>> Pipes or rad first, any thoughts? <<<<

If Mike has suggested that you should replace the rad in the near future and your working to a limited budget then do the rad first. Having said that I am led to believe that the std rad and under floor pipes corrode at the same rate, so if either job needs doing then it's odds on that the other will too :(

If you can stretch your budget, I would defo bite the bullet and do both at the same time as it will be more cost effective in the long run as Dave says.

You could always compromise and replace with standard pipes rather than the SS version, after all they have got this far without probs :)

Steve P

have a oil cooler fitted at the same time or keep your
speed down.
d.i.y. it's easy.
r.f.j. griffiths

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