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MG MGF Technical - jerking anyone for help ?????????

anyone heard of this my friend at work has a vauxhall astra 03 plate... they dont know what they are doing at vauxhall to be sure he is at he is at wits end ....

here goes .........

engine jerking when puliing away also
duringing cruise it gives a little jump at
intermittent times

anyone for help

darren in mk ...
darren jeffery

My Dad's got an 'X' plate astra ( no taste ! ). He had same problem, took it to local garage ( who service my MGF ). They sent ECU to a specialist, who diagnosed some kind of electronic fault ( black arts as far as I'm concerned ). Said specialist repaired unit for about 1/3 of cost of new one!
J Smith

My parents have a '99 Astra and the ECU went on that. Apparently a known problem area, so after a few letters of complaint Vauxhall went halves on the replacement cost.

Tim Jenner


Had this problem ages ago (brand new s reg at the time) intermittent and sometimes causes stalling. Its the crank sensor in our case and about 200 quid to fix
AJ Bradbury

My old Passat 16v used to do this and if you pulled away really hard it would stall - caused by cracks in inlet trunking after the airflow meter. The meter/body was body mounted and the torque reaction caused the the engine to move back a bit, stretches trunking, mixture goes to pot and kangeroo-a-Passat!! Took ages to find that one!

I don't know much about Vauxhall engine management systems. What kind of ignition system do they use? If this had been a pre-2001 MGF, I would point the finger at the distributor cap and rotor arm - but I would expect a late '03 car to use a wasted spark system...?

Crank sensor would seem a sensible place to start - along with the airflow meter (or do they use a throttle position sensor?)
Rob Bell

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