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MG MGF Technical - Mark 1 Vs 2 Roof

I know the general consenus is that you can't fit a mark2 roof to a mark 1 car!

but why?

The only thing I can think of is that the A -post sealing strip is different as I can't imagine any of the hard points of the roof would have changed?????

Thought they were interchangeable - just the very early cars had a slightly different size glass in the door windows - so needed adjusting afterwards.
Ted Newman


The Mk 1 was made in three parts and stitched together whereas the Mk 2 is one piece.
My friend replaced the hood on his 96 F with one from an 01 F.
Not sure about Ted's point about glass.

Tony Harrison

Tony and Ted are correct - put an '03 TF hood onto my '99 F, very easy fit, just needed a couple of turns on the front catches get a perfect fit! All round better seals too.

Will Harvey

98 made MK2 hood fitted to 96 made MGF works also.
Ask Rob Bell.

Cheers guys!

ebay it is then!

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