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MG MGF Technical - MGF 1.8i can't really stop the oil amount supply

The rotational speed reaches 7000 the above of rotating should be able to stop the oil amount supply.
But my MGF 1.8i can't really stop the oil amount supply, why?

Help me .
Thank You
KUO yuan-hsin

George, I'm not sure what you mean. Could you explain in more detail please?


Only 8000 rotation rate in the speedometer.
But The rotation rate exceeds 7000, MGF's ECU should Stop supporting the oil.
But My MGF can not ,Why ?
Or How do MGF rotation rate to stop support oil ?
thank you
KUO yuan-hsin

I think this is the engine cut-out not working when over-revved. It should cut the spark/fuel.

For oil read Peteroleum/gasoline.

If the rotation rate exceeds 7000, the ECU should cut the fuel. The engine will not working.
This is an engine protector of MGF.
But My MGF CAN NOT function,Why?
thank you
KUO yuan-hsin

Sorry , ECU is ECM , I write worn.
KUO yuan-hsin

"To prevent damage at high engine speeds the ECM
will implement fuel cut-off at engine speeds above
approximately 7000 rpm. Fuel is reinstated as
engine speed falls."

My MGF 1.8i Can not cut-off , Why ?

Thank you
KUO yuan-hsin

Don't know for sure but the rate at which my rev limiter operates indicates an electronic system not a fuel-off.

Assuming this is the case, I would suggest either your ECU has been reprogrammed or replaced with an after-market version. The other possibility would be a faulty crank sensor, but I would have thought this would cause problems at lower revs as well.


I wouldn't suspect the crank sensor, as that one is very important and required even to start the car.

George, could you tell us more about your car (MGF type, year, etc...) ? My MPi has a rev limit at 7300rpm, as it has another ECU/ECM.

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