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MG MGF Technical - New brake light switch fitted but brake lights sti

Help needed please.

Have just fitted new brake light switch as the brake lights were staying on. Seemed to be ok at first but are now constantly on again. There seems to be quite a bit of play in the pedal that I have not noticed before. Am I missing something? it is almost as if there is a return spring missing to pull the pedal back up to full height. Thanks in anticipation.
r davis

To make the car driveable i have now cemented a small rubber block to the top of the old switch about 6mm in height. I have now removed the new switch and replaced with this temporary bodge. It is now functioning correctly but probably not for that long - any ideas??
r davis

There will be nothing wrong with the old switch as they are a auto setting type and sometimes need to be reset by pulling the plunger out sharply and you will hear it click into position, see the attachment.

Jim McLeod

I agree with Jim - the ratchet sometimes does need resetting - which involves a sharp tug.

The switch design did change however - and this advice applies to earlier MGFs - you didn't mention the age of your car?
Rob Bell

had same problem on mine remove switch and tug the centre piston up this resets the switch then put back in and press brake peddle normaly
warning if on getting out of car you catch your foot under brake peddle you will need to reset switch as you brake lights will be permantly on hope this helps
kj collins

Had a similar problem from new (now is 13 years old). Even if you pull the switch to reset it, it still is not long enough. Have tried a couple of solutions, the latest has worked well although does not look much different than your 'bodge job'

Take the switch out and put a small blob of 'pink grip' (builders adhesive similar to grip fill but a bit tougher) on the end of the switch. It can be moulded in to shape and does not fall off. Have tried silicon but that wears out eventually and squashes flat.

Got so sick of this problem (the switch not being long enough even when fully pulled out to reset it) I now have two switches so that one can be repaired while the other is on the car. Sorry I can give a better Engineered solution but this has worked for me.

Please note this suggestion is for the improved adjustable switches, they just dont seem to be long enough for my car.
Paul Robertson

Put a cap on the end of a plunger - could probably make something suitable out of an old bottle cap, and glue in place with epoxy.

There, all blue peter and everything! I've got Mike Satur's brake pedal lowering kit, and this uses something similar (only not an old bottle cap! LOL)
Rob Bell

Thanks for your tips and advise. My super bodge job is holding out fine, as you say some form of cap would also solve this. Have got a spare now so can easily sort if problem occurs again. Makes me smile that a little bit of time and thought and maybe glue and odd tops can solve an mg problem. Blue peter has taught us well Rob lol...
r davis

I had same problem and screwed a small self tapping screw into the plunger, it works fine and is quite robust
Chris Catchpole

LOL - now where did I put the sticky-back plastic?
Rob Bell

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