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MG MGF Technical - Resister pack for fan

Workshop manual confusing but in which side of the central console is the Fan resister pack? I have air conditioning which hides aload of stuff on left side of console.

Workshop manual has confusing diagrams. Shows right hand drive car at distance and then close up is left hand drive car!!

basically you have to get your head under the dashboard, with your bum on the seat and your feet in the air - very comfortable. It can be done, even by the likes of me! I can't offhand remember how much stuff had to be removed, and I don't have aircon, but it wasn't particularly difficult.
M Cunningham 1

On a car without aircom, it is an easy but fiddly operation. The resistor pack is on the left hand side of the central console. You need to remove the glove box and the resistor pack is on the left hand side of the heater assembly at the back. I have heard though with aircon it is alot harder to do and it may even need a dash board removel?
Keith Williams

Not the complete dash but the centre console and vents according to my auto electrician, As I only use my A/C on hot days I'm quite happy for the fan to start on position 2. When it packs up completly then I will spend the money on a repair.
Andrew W Regens

This weekend ended up taking the whole dash out and still cannot easily access the screws attaching the resister pack as aircon too close (note car is right hand drive). Distance 2 cms away but now dash out I can see both screws. I have tried angled screw drivers but just cannot get enough leverage on them due to lack of space.

Anyone know what size screws exactly are used and secondly anyone know of a tool which can access the screws? I have a flexible screw diver but just not flexible enough before hitting the aircon unit!

Very frustrating (and what place to put a component that can fail!)

I meant 4 cms, not 2!

Julian ,I have the same prob with the aircon but from the sound of your 'issues' I feel I may be able to survive without fan 1! If you hit a major breakthrough do let us know! Good luck,
C.R.B. Simeon

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