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MG MGF Technical - Running too fat when cold?

I almost failed the MOT the other day, where the HC and CO were way way too high.

Driving an extra lap around the block yeilded a perfect result. Just before the test I had driven 30km on the highway so it was hot, it just cooled down slightly for maybe 10 minutes on the lift when they checked the suspension.

I guess it could be a worn cat after 9500km, but I have a suspicipn it is runing a bit too fat when cold. or instance it always seems like the car idles high when cold (around 1300-1500 rmp).

Any suggestions on checks?


(1.8i -97)
O Sander

This is temp sensor fault.

On the general board there is a kangerooing thread, do as stated in there
Will Munns

Oh, and BTW, although we say "lean" the opposite is "rich" rather than fat
Will Munns

I had the same thing, cleaned the connector of the temp sensor and all was well again.

Johan Slagter

So, in my case the problem to seem intermittent. I guess this could be bad contact, but also bad sensor.

I think i might try to measure the signal from it. What is it, a PTC-resistor, or?
O Sander

No, NTC, see
Will Munns

Will Munns

For those wanting to know what the above means, here's a little info.

It's actually a "NTC Thermistor"

NTC = Negative Temperature Coefficient.
(decrease in electrical resistance with increasing temperature)

Thermistor = THERMally sensitive resISTOR

HTH someone.



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