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MG MGF Technical - Service manual

Hi everyone.
Just joined after reading some of the recent threads.
Have had 3 lazy years of very low cost summer driving in my R reg VVC with no need for any DIY, just a basic annual service at a local MG Rover dealer.
After a winter under cover on the driveway I have found the LH rear brake seized and handbrake hardly working plus plenty of other minoe things need for the MoT.
Can anyone recommend a good service engineer in the Croydon area ?
Where can I get a service manual ?
P Eldridge

Brown and Gammons retail the workshop manual in CD format Paul - the so-called RAVE disc. Well worth buying (I have a paper version which I obtained many years ago, and has proven absolutely invaluable!)

Caliper seizure - this can be quite common on cars where the rear brakes don't get used terribly often. Have a look in the archives - there should be plenty on this (IIRC Mike H was sorting out his recently?)
Rob Bell

MGOC are about to release a paper workshop manual for the F only(not TF)any minute now. I don't know if it just a paper "RAVE" version or something different.

Probably more handy in paper format - mind you, I am planning to put an old PC in the garage so that I can access RAVE files whilst working on the car...
Rob Bell

Tony and Rob
Many thanks for advice.
Clearly a reminder to clear the garage out and put the car away during the winter.
P Eldridge

<Clearly a reminder to clear the garage out and put the car away during the winter.>

or to continue to drive it!! ;-)
Graham Martin

Its probally a half hour drive for you but Robin Lackford of Cowfold (West Sussex)is great with the F'. As an ex racing driver he only services sports cars, is reccomended by both MGOC & MGCC, open Saturday mornings and is VERY reasonably priced.
Paul Carugati

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