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MG MGF Technical - Starter Motor Troubles

After a few weeks of random spluttering on ignition, some days it starts fine, tonight my starter motor seems to have completly failed. I turn the key, and nothing, just silence. I have plenty of battery power left.
Am wondering (hoping) its just a loose connection to the starter motor.
So my question is, where is the damn thing and how do i get to it?
Id like to check the connections before taking it to a garage :)

Cheers people.

Hi Edd,

Sounds like the starter solenoid is sticking, usually a sharp tap is enough to free it temporarily. I'd presume the spluttering is something else.

Access is through the nearside rear wheelarch, removal isn't too tricky as long as you have a reasonable selection of extension bars handy. If you're an optimist you might want to try to re-lubricate the solenoid yourself, however secondhand units tend to go for 30-50 so a swap is probably a safer option.

Although as you say, a loose/dirty connection is a possible cause, worth investigating that first - IIRC you can reach the connection terminals through the wheelarch, although it might be easier if you remove the engine access cover.
Mike Hankin

Excellent, cheers for that. Gonna try that tommorow hopefully.


I had trouble with the spade connector to the solenoid causing intermittent starting. Chopped it off, soldered a new one on, been fine now for 9 months. It wasn't dirty it just seemed to lose it's grip. I could squeeze the contacts to provide a firm connection and all was well for a week or so then the problem would reoccur.
Ken Waring

Hey Ken,

Yup my dad said thats what he was gonna check for me today. This is my 3rd starter motor in 3 years, i dont fancy buying a 4th!
Cheers for the tip.


It was a loose spade connector, hurrah. Luckily with the Piper X i could get to it through the little service hatch in the boot aswell. Sorted.
Cheers ppl :)

See, dads can be useful.
Ken Waring

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