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MG MGF Technical - Stuck on full beam


I was diving up to Belfast yesterday (at a fair rate of knots) and inevitably things started to break....

The first thing which I can kinda live with is that she keeps popping outa fifth..

T'Other is that the forward/backward headlamp stalk is stuck on full beam

any help as ever is appreciated


ps can't remember my login to look up the archives
Colin McIlwaine


The gear selection cable needed adjusting?

Also Don't worry mate, a "fair rate of knots" won't affect how your lowbeam/highbeam works. :-)

The highbeam is swithed via the stalk. It should make a crisp "click" sound everytime you flick it towards you. This toggles the low/high to on/off.

It could be the actual switch which is faulty (bad or dirty contacts in the stalk or it could be the relay that the switch uses to switch between the low and high beam.

Oh, I just re-read you post.

If the stalk is actually physically "stuck on full beam" (on highbeam) then it will be a mechanical problem with the stalk itself.

You can get to it by removing the steering wheel, SRS rotary coupler etc, etc.

Can e-mial you detailed info from the workshop manual if you intend to do it yourself.


Ta, Branko,

Yeah, it's mechanical, the forward/backward motion is gone ;-( I have the workshop manual 100 miles away, but I am here sans tools, etc, etc.

Damn, I was hoping I could get at it via the lower steering column cover... a screwdriver I have ;-) I'm definitely not going to be removing the steering wheel!

Thanks, anyway,
Colin McIlwaine

No Probs,

yes, its better to do this job when you have all the tools and info at hand.

Maybe there is a seperate fuse you could pull just for the high beam?


Okay, peeps,

Branko, good idea... if needs be, I'll pop the bulbs ;-)

Assuming it's mechanical (and I'm 99.9% sure it is), can anyone confirm this is a bin part off of a late model Metro / early model Rover 200?

(I had a '98 200-series up til a couple of years ago and IIRC, the indicator, certainly the external stalk bit, was the same...?)

There's a breakers just down the road, so if I can swipe one, all the better ;-)

Colin McIlwaine

Now, checked the archives, way back when (2002), someone or other reckoned it was a Rover *600* bin part. Maybe the internals are different...?

As always, thanks for any forthcoming enlightenment,
Colin McIlwaine

The switches are quite common from sebveral Rovers (aswell at Honda), but the attached lever is Mini-Style .. IMO.

However, I remember having dismatled the part some years ago and only found the lever and locking ball mechanism came out of _detent_ (spelling?) (German *ausgerastet*)

No easy repair to get it back in place, but it worked after disassembling the cover plate of the switch (some small tapping screws)

Dieter K.

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