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MG MGF Technical - TF (Service) 4 years old.

My TF 135 is nearly 4 years old. I am doing the cambelt change myself. Going to fit Stainless Steel Coolant Pipes at the same time.
What else do you recommend I should change?

Do the tensioner with the cam-belt

Fit new rad hoses between SS pipes and rad, and replace the hose clips with mike satur ones.

I agree with Leigh on the tensioner, and will fit SS pipes and rubber hoses and possibly ali rad when any of the original stuff breaks but will leave it all as undisturbed as possible in the meantime.
Hopefully by then there will be a full PRT kit available from some enterprising aftermarket source. The original cooling system has only done 11 years Gaz so no rush.
C.R.B. Simeon

Might be worth replacing water pump while you have access to it. They do start to leak around 5 years old.

Just preventative maintenance for piece of mind.


Check the main hose next to the exhaust downpipe as mine was badly chafed at 3 years.

Thanks for the info.

So I need to do:-

1. Cambelt
2. Cambelt Adjuster
3. Water Pump
4. Coolant Change
5. Fuel Filter
6. Brake Fluid
7. Spark Plugs
8. Oil(already got Mobil 1)
9. Oil Filter
10. Sump Plug Washer
11. K16 Camshaft Locking Tool
12. Rad hoses and clips

Anything else?
What make of Anti Freeze/Coolant?
What make and type of Spark Plugs?
Whats the best Brake Fluid?

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