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MG MGF Technical - Toyo Tyres - which one?

I've been looking to change the tyres on my Trophy 160 and Toyo seems to be getting a lot of good coverage.

There has been a recent change with the Toyo Proxes T1-S being replaced with Proxes T1-R, the difference apparently is that the T1-R has a stiffer sidewall.

I'd have thought a softer sidewall would have suited a lighter car, e.g. an MGF, and the stiffer sidewall would suit a heavier car. Based on this assumption I was about to commit to the T1-R when I drove a Porsche 968 Sport at the weekend on new T1-S's. The grip was phenomenal yet this is a significantly heavier car.

Am I barking up the wrong tree with my assumptions and does anybody have actual experience of driving an MGF on either specification of Toyo?

Any advice much appreciated.


David AP

I've had three sets of T1-S's on my F and have been very happy with all of them. Those that have changed from S's to R's seem to think that they are a better tyre. So, when the time comes I think that I will be going for the R's :-)
David Clelland

>> I'd have thought a softer sidewall would have suited a lighter car, e.g. an MGF, and the stiffer sidewall would suit a heavier car. <<

The other issue to consider is the location of the engine. Cars with low polar moments of intertia - i.e. mid-engine configuration - do not handle well with tyres with flexible tyre walls.

I am not a suspension engineer, so cannot really even begin to guess the stress loadings involved, and why this is the case, but if you look at any mid-engined car - be that the relatively heavy Porsche Boxster, to the nearly bantam weight Lotus Elise - all use stiff side-wall tyres to their full exploitable value.

I've quoted Alan Phillips on this - MG Rover's chassis engineer who worked on both MGF and TF - and they, like Toyota for the MR2, specified the stiffest tyres they could lay their hands on.

Both the T1S and the T1R are superb tyres. Interestingly, the T1R came out higher in owners experience - see the BBS tyre survey results here:

Hope this helps
Rob Bell

I can't comment about the T1 S but am more than happy with the T1 R which I have used for more than 16000km on road and track.
Andrew Regens

I'm waiting for mine.
Should be here in a couple of days.
I'll let you know my feelings.

Thanks for your input guys. Looks like I'm leaning towards the T1-R's.

David AP

Iv'e just bought 4 Toyo Proxes T1-R's for the f1rst time and after reading lots of good reports about these,so fingers crossed, i notice these tyres also have rim protectors, and good looking tread pattern, i have always had Yokohamer A539's although fab grip with Yoko's and a lot harder compound i found they wear down pretty quick and not the prettiest looking tread,Dave

ps bought mine from here, really good prices i think and include vat and delivery
DC Morris T6 DCM

If I am correct the T1-R will replace the T1-S, so it could be wise to invest in a set of T1-R instead of the T1-S. After some time, the T1-S won't be available anymore, while the T1-R is still on the market.

As Erik has rightly said the T1-S is going to be withdrawn this year (spoke to Toyo last month)
I've just put 4 T1-R's on my F' and they are great
Paul Carugati

I have had T1-R's on for 10,000 miles. Massive improvement over the standard fit Goodyears. Also had Spax adjustable dampers fitted recently - the combination of the T1-R's and Spax's have completely transformed the car...
Mike Kennedy

Thanks for your feedback, sound's good to me!

Had the Toyo R-1's fitted to the rear of the car last month & even as a passenger I can feel the improved handling. Before the car was very prone to backend slide but after having the tyres fitted it's been completely illiminated.

Good stuff.


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