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MG MGF Technical - Window lift relay

Hi Can anyone help me. I have a 1995 MGF, Both windows have stopped working at exactly the same time. I have checked all the fuses and they are fine. I am thinking its the relay ? does anyone know were it is and what the part number for it is. All help and advice welcome.
W A Macadam

Did the 'fuses' include F18 in the main fuse panel? There are a right and left individual side fuses(F4&F5) but also F18 which supplies both sides.

Ihave this same problem. Fuse 18 is OK. Was ok as I shut both windows (at same time) then nothing 4 hours later. Only quick check so far,but mirror adjustment also on fuse 18 works ok? 51 plate car. thanks ideas?
Julian Green

Well thanks to Angus MacAdam who pointed me in the direction of FUSE 6.... notwithstanding the owners handbook makes reference to FAN circuit. So to recap:

There's loads of info on this problem in & around the net... my reading of this suggest that there are different variants of wiring across models but the easy check is to ensure that you do the obvious: ..

> under dash fuses F4 F5 are side specific! F6 & F18 are both sides; and
> under bonnet fuses/ links MAY need checking as well. Hope someone finds this synopsis some help?!

There is also a useful circuit diagram at generally referred to as 'dieters'?... there are others out there too. Fortunately I didnt need recourse to multimeter. Thanks again Angus.
Julian Green

Hi all,

My windows are fine, but I continue to have starnge electrical problems. Currently ahve no: side lights, instrumnet lighting, tail light (LHS), number plate light or radio/CD player. All fuses appera to be intact and all other electrical systems operate correctly - apart from alarm/immobilser - which never has!

I need to give my Italian elctrics guy somewhere to start his fault finding so any advice would be gladly recieved.

As ever many thanks

E J Davies

Hi Elona,
The usual suspects for wacky electrical symptoms are the loom on the left hand hinge of the boot and behind the radio in the dashboard.
The radio has very little space behind it so other loom wires may have been chafed through to metal and be intermittently shorting, whether the ICE has been changed or not.
The LHS boot hinge loom leaves the main loom at right angles and the wires start very tight when new, so they can break over time as it all gets older and less flexible. Sometimes the breaks can be within the insulation so there is no obvious sign of damage. More commonly the insulation splits and bare wires are exposed which can then do all manner of mischief.
Good luck with it!

Many thanks for the advice.

E J Davies

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