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MG MGF Technical - Windows, Leaks & Squeaks

Well, its been a while since i last made a post here on this site - i have to ask for some help from you guys.

In the past you have proved to be excellent and i only hope you will know the answer to these minor problems.

- Windows -
My drivers window is bust. Last night when i was driving home i pressed the button to get the window down. It was fine. The problem came when i tried to get it up again! The window would not go up all the way - it jammed. The motor can be heard, groaning but the window is well and truely stuck. You can wiggle it with your hand and then the motor seems to 'engage' again with the window for a couple more inches and then it gets stuck again. It can get pretty much closed, but it doesnt go all the way up. It would appear there is a runner or something similar that is not inline somewhere.
Is there any information on how i can fix this problem? I have looked within the archive but i couldnt see anything that relates to this problem - mostly the archive seems to deal with blown fuses - well i know the fuses are ok 'cause i see and hear the motor move the window - it just gets 'stuck'. If it involves removing the door pannel then so be it...i need to be able to close the window.

- Leaks -
A couple of months ago when we had the really bad rains i noticed that my car was leaking. It was really bad on the passengers side and just wet on the drivers side. It all seems to gather in the footWhere are the common places to look to ensure that this gets fixed? Are there any practices that MGF drivers have used over the years to resolve this / dry out the wadding and mats? I need to stop this leak!!

- Squeaks -
I have squeaks on my roof when i drive, they are very noticable, its just the metal parts of the roof rubbing. I dont need this one fixed really, but i thought that i would add it for good measure. Windows, Leaks and Squeaks looks better than Windows and Leaks as a thread title.

Hope you can help.



Could it be that a window stopper has broken, and that it is stuck somewhere.

The water can come in at various places, 1 of them is over the door seal, this may help:

More info here:

Johan Slagter

It sounds as though, as Johan says, that the window stop has broken or that the window has fallen out of its guides. Either way, the only solution is to remove the door trims and get inside the doors for a thorough inspection.

Leaks - as Johan mentions are there a couple of places on the web where there are some info on leaks and how to solve. Apologies that my site is incomplete - I lost some data with a HD crash :o( Will be updating sometime soon!

Basically you have to determine where the water is entering the cabin. Is via the window seals (high probable) or via the heater box (very common especially on the passenger side on older Fs). Cure ranges from applying sealant for the heater box, or putting in a section of pipe inside the A-pillar seal to maintain the seal's shape...

Squeaks from the soft top frame are a pain. Solution here is to use white grease and pack the numerous joints and pivots in the assembly. Or replace the hood frame (tempting if the hood or rear window is damaged, and a good excuse to get a new hood with glass rear window!)
Rob Bell

That first picure is definitely something that i recognise - i have that gap on my door seal!

As for the window - i have found this link on how to remove the panel - hopefully this will help.


Also check out Tony's website:
Rob Bell

Over the weekend i took the trim off of my car - it would appear that the problem with the window is not easily fixable, you see i couldnt actually see anything wrong with it.

It would appear that this is a job for a garage - anyone suggest a garage in the Jnc 29 of M25 area that is cheap and will get the window fixed?

You could try dropping B&G a line to see if they'll give you a quote Papa?
Rob Bell

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