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MG TD TF 1500 - 123 Ignition Distributor

A friend is purchasing a 123 Ignition Distributor for his TD and I want to confirm for him the proper model to buy. His car has the longer distributor body (2 1/2 inch reach between the bottom of the distributor body to the center of the drive gear). He also has his car wired positive ground.

He wants to purchase the model with the 16 pre-set curves. Could someone who has this system confirm the correct model to use? I will be ordering this for him via the 123Ignition USA franchise/distributor.

Thanks in advance.

I did not want to initiate another conversation on the pros and cons of such units - just want some feedback from those who have one. Thanks again

The best way to proceed is to send the original distributor body (with drive gear), to a company in Holland, called "123ignition conversions"

They will put the 123 unit into the old unit and return it. This makes modification almost invisible.


J Scragg

Thank you John - yes I am aware of that option - his problem is that he doesn't have an original distributor - he is using mine!

The one I think he needs is a 123/MG-4-R-V-Pos.

That one has a vac advance input - that he doesn't need of course - so, I am going to see if they offer a:



I use on my MG-TD 29276 Engine 29639


This is the type for most english 4 cyl. engines, 6 & 12 Volt, negative earth ONLY !

GK Guenter


sorry, german language only
GK Guenter

also in german, sorry


good luck
GK Guenter

Sorry guys I made a mistake !!!
The number in the Documentation was as mentioned but the correct on for MG-TG is:


I checked it this morning again.
This unit is without vacuum connection.
GK Guenter

Guenter - thanks for your response - I am confused - are you saying that there is a distributor identification of "123/XPAG-R"? I do not see this designation on the 123Ignition website.

Honestly your best bet is to enquire directly with 123.
I did this before and they were helpful and fast.

Here is what I got back. I the end I got my original going so can't give first hand experience of the solution.

Me :

I have an MG TF 1500 from 1955 with a Lucas D2A4 distributor ( no vacuum advance). Part number 40367.
Do you have a replacement distributor for this. I canít see one listed.


Them :

Your original distributor is not listed in the 123/MG-4-R-V.
This means your original advance curve is not pre-programmed.

Maybe the 123/TUNE-4-R-V-G will fit your engine.
In this case you can program your advance curve with the free PC Software.
Please compare the drawings on our website with your original distributor to make sure it will fit.

Best regards,
Frank Bontenbal
D Moore

@DLD, you are right, it is not in the standard listing, thatís may be the reason that the Documents I got with the distributer mentioned123/GB-4-R-V.
As I said the 123/XPAG-R comes without a Vacuum connector and it was made in a small number especially for the XPAG engine.
I use this units since about 6 years and Iím very happy with it.
I found in the internet the following distributer for the 123/XPAG-R unit. That means ist is a unit spatially for XPAG engines available.

Why not drop the tola-tools guys a line:


GK Guenter

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