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MG TD TF 1500 - Alignment issue

Been meaning to get some comments on this for sometime now.

Awhile back I crawled around and aligned all wheels to a near perfect 0 deg. The WSM suggests this.
At 55 mph I feel nothing on the steering wheel. Tracks straight, hands off the wheel.

But I find it frightening, like I'm about to lose control. Very much like I am no longer connected to the front wheels. New Vredisteins about 3,000 miles. So I don't drive over 45 mph.

Question is, will some toe in make this a better road feel? And how many turns adjusting the rod ends?
Peter Dahlquist


Posts on this forum suggest that TD's track best with at least 1/8 toe-in. What tire pressure are you using, too much could give you the loosey goosey feel you are experiencing. I run my Vredesteins at 24F & 26R.

James Neel

I agree with Jim. I would also check for a failed shock (check for oil leakage), rear shock arm disconnected, loose suspension bolts, and the rear rubber spring U bolts. All can make things feel squirrely.
George Butz

Just had the front shocks rebuilt. 32 lbs.
I did not think rear suspension. I'll work on the rear this winter. The car is perfect under 45 mph.
Peter Dahlquist

The 0.0" toe-in refers to original cross ply tires/tyres, radials need a little, 1/8" seems to be the recommended setting.
P G Gilvarry

32 psi too high, I run firestones at 26 front and 28 rear. High pressure makes T's very darty.
Ray TF 2884
Ray Lee

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