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MG TD TF 1500 - Anti sway bar

I will now add my TF to the list of those who have installed an anti sway bar and also agree that it is one of the best modifications that you can add. Laverne Downey helped with the parts and we used his video as reference. The clearances are close, but all works as advertised. All you have to do is sling the car into those curves that used to really increase the pucker factor, and the old familiar body roll is significantly reduced. I wish I had done it forty years ago. Thanks to all of you who have recommended this modification.

G B McGovern

Gary, now if you really want it to handle, install the Moss 264-386 front road springs, poly bushings front, rear, & sway bar, part # are hard to find, but Moss has them. Then Michelin tires!
If you want more power to compliment the handling, Tom Lange ( MGT superchargers, Abingdon Performance, & Manley Ford.
914 420 8699
Len Fanelli

Len, I found they don't make Michelen's in our sizes anymore. Verdensteins instead.
PS: Gary, I'm the guy and his TD in LaVerne's video. Sway bar is awesome!!
efh Haskell

EFH, yes they can be purchased through
Coker tire company.
EVERY time I wanted to save money by buying a cheaper tire, I was very disappointed! Michelin tires have been the best tires since about the early 50's!!!
Len Fanelli

As I remember Cooker tires price were off the wall! And does Michelen actually make the Michelen's or does Cookery just license the name from them? I actually emailed Michelen at the time and they responded they do not have a tire to fit a TD. The Verdenstein's were not cheap either. So far they are great, especially with the sway bar!
efh Haskell

As far as I know Coker basically bought the molds and the rights to use the names for tires that the manufactures no longer produce. So is the process and the material equal to or better than the original manufacture? Who knows?

I am a big time Michelin user and would have been so on the TF had they been available from British Wire Wheel when I bought the wheels. The Vredesteins were what I went with but I believe that the Michelin's would have given me better mileage based on past tire experience and what I'm seeing for wear on these that I have.
MG LaVerne

Guys, thanks for your comments. Len, new springs may be next winters project. The bushings are done. I am currently ready to buy new tires, and I am also a big fan of Michelin. I always had them on my big Healey and the BMWs. EFH, thanks for letting your TD be the guinea pig in Lavern's video.
G B McGovern

I believe that cooker just bought the name and the tread design,, and they are probably made in Mexico,,, I would be very interested to find out if the internals are actually a duplicate of the originals,, check the "made" date,,,,

Steve Wincze

Passengers say that swaybars greatly improve their comfort.

You do tend to wind up on three wheels a bit, though.....

I do have 165/15 Michelins fitted, as I have since 1968. They aren't cheap, though. The swaybar induced understeer on the track tears them up badly.



David, IMO I think you have a little too much front roll stiffness, a slightly too big front anti roll bar, or slightly too stiff front springs. Keep the shiny side up & the rubber side down;).
Len Fanelli

I have been running a set of Kumho's on the TD for 5 years and they do quite nicely.

I'm a fan of Kumho's. I have found Kumho's to handle better, last longer, run quieter, and run smoother than other tires. Over time, I have switched all of our car tires over to Kumho's, including my 1999 BMW M3.

I recently bought my 8th BMW, a 2008 328i with the inline 6 cylinder engine that had 51,000 miles on it. It has the sport suspension with staggered Continental tires. So I ordered a set of Kumho sport tires even though there was plenty of life left on the Conti's, and had the kumho's mounted ASAP. The handling was noticeably better right away.
EB Blackwelder

Len, thanks for your thoughts. I don't disagree, but the catch is that I need this much roll stiffness to keep some traction on the rear tyres on corners. Even now, with the blower fitted, I need to be careful with the power
to avoid spinning up the inside back wheel. A limited slip diff would be nice, so I could go down from a 20mm to a 15mm swaybar, but somehow no-one seems to carry them for the T Type.

You can see the problem from this rear view. It's a funny looking line, but the car is halfway round an 'S' bend, with a sliding entry.



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