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MG TD TF 1500 - Anyone converted Carbs to WEBER?

Found this on ebay (because I'm in trouble with SU H2 ;-) ):


Had one on an MGB once, could never get the hesitation out of it when accelerating, was on it when I bought it, finally took it off and put the right SUs back on it and never had a problem since. What happened to the Weber, I gave it to a guy with a Jeep, literally gave it to him! Why spend that kind of money for a universal carburetor, which is all that Weber is, when for less you can have your SUs rebuilt? Not a damn thing wrong with SU carbs, their one of the best and most simple designed carburetors ever built. If yours are worn out, you'll never get them to work right, for less money, you can get them rebuilt, you won't be disappointed. PJ
PJ Jennings

The carbs have been rebuild in 2011 for about $400 by a German workshop (BOB) with a very good reputation at that time.

I've spent more than that for parts and assistance of an mechanic who had his education on JAGUAR cars. I avoided to ship the carbs - allways hoping the car will drive the next day.

The front carb is right. The other is the troublemaker. The jets and sealings are new. The jet must allways be on top and to center the jet in a stable state is the mysterie. After done the centering and synchronisation it runs fine. But little movements like fastening the aircleaner or pulling the choke make bad changes. As a result the needle (no visible bend) stucks. The carb sprites too much gas and the spark plugs get wet. The throttle looks okay and no wrong air way can be detected. I'm waiting for new needles and bearings. I'll give him a chance but I run out of ideas - except buying a new set.


One of our club members tried a Weber on his TD. Lasted about a month. Could NOT get it to accelerate with the "Weber stumble". There are a fair number of threads about this problem on various forums.

Hi Winfrie,
I lost your telf. nr. Please write it or call me.
Klaus Harthof

I stuck one on a Honda CRX with the CVCC head and the three barrel carb and 20 hoses that is very miserable to try to get running right.

Runs OK but is hard to get started often, like the fuel pump doesn't fill it when cranking. I have to get out and prime it. I have a feeling my Mickey Mouse adapter needs an insulator as the carb probably cooks the fuel out of the bowl after shutting off. Can't really blame the carb, and it does perform well. Those Webers do get around for a lot of conversions.

I have just removed a Weber from my MGB and converted to twin SU. It is a late model, so was not supplied with SU from the factory. (US Spec). Much prefer the performance with the SU's.
S Griffin

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