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MG TD TF 1500 - Best wishes to Dave DuBois

Hi Dave,

I have been the recipient of your wisdom on all things related to MG T Series cars for quite some time now. I hope you'll forgive me for starting this thread, but I think that several of us will want to express our gratitude to you, and send our thoughts and prayers as you go through the chemo process.

Here’s wishing you and your wife all the best in what lies ahead for you.

Kirk Trigg

Dave, So sorry I didn't know of your situation. All the best wishes from the wife and I for your speedy recovery! Paul
PJ Jennings

Get well Dave and when ready,get back on that Dance floor ! I Look forward
to seeing more of your constructive and informative comment on this bbs td tf in the future.

Rob Grantham
Rob Grantham

Get well Dave all the best and hope for a speedy recovery,

Take care from a survivor , ( chemo that is )

Gerard Hengeveld

Likewise from me Dave. I really do appreciate the assistance you've given me. Cheers
Peter TD 5801
P Hehir

Dave: Idle in neutral for awhile and then come out revving through the gears.
Christopher Couper

Best wishes for your recovery, Dave. We need your wisdom. Bud
Bud Krueger

Best wishes Dave. Hoping for a speedy recovery.

Timothy Burchfield

Slay the Dragon Dave!

May God give you strength during your recovery.


Frank Cronin

Dave, so sorry to hear you're up on the work lift! Hopefully your mechanics will get you sorted and back on the road soon. Take care!
Steve Simmons

I also want to send my best wishes.
Bruce Cunha

Wishing you a speedy recovery Dave.
Dave H
Dave Hill

Dave, you've joined an exclusive club, of which I am also a member. May your god be with you, and please let us know when you come out of the sausage machine. Remember, the chemo is merely a means to an end, and then you resume normal life ... with an improved perspective! Yours, John.
J P Hall

Dave, not sure if you saw my post on the other thread so I'll repeat it here. I too am a member of the Lymphoma club. It started almost 2 years ago. After Chemo, Retuxan immunatherapy and radiation I'm cancer free as we speak. Yesterday I drove my TD on a 100+ mile fall color drive through the high Rockies. Hang in there and you can get back on the road! Trust me. That's me on the right in the photo below. Wave back and I'll feel good.

efh Haskell

Hers hoping you have a speedy recovery Dave.
Keep your chin up mate
and never doubt we are pulling for you.
Rod Jones

Dave, thank you for all of the MG advice I have received from you over the years.
Sending my best wishes for a speedy recovery.

Ed Stanfield
ECS Stanfield

Wishing you all the best, may God bless & aid you &your wife. I too want to thank you for answering my questions over the past 25 years. Thanks, John
John Hambleton

There isn't likely, any medical system in the world, better than the American system. We outsiders can rant and rave about the fact that you don't have universal medicare, but say what you want, most Americans demand the best available treatment ... and get it, irrespective of their station in life.

Most diagnosis, procedures, treatments, and care, are a reflection of an outstanding system of medical training.

I'm hopeful Dave, that you will benefit from such a wonderful system. Mix in a bit of luck, love from your family and friends, and a dose of spiritual 'engagement'. Even if you don't believe, you have nothing to lose.

Give it your best shot Dave, and I expect we'll see you back at full speed in a few months.

Gord Clark
Rockburn, Qué.
Gord Clark

Dave, last March I went to my doctor complaining about a painful hip. After many tests including taking samples of my lower hip bone, I was diagnosed with a sarcoma in my left ischium (the bone you sit on). Six weeks of chemo and radiation followed by surgical removal of the cancerous ischium and things are looking up. Last week I took my first drive in the TD and found (1) the lack of an attachment point for my left hamstring didn’t impede my ability to operate the clutch and (2) the fairly soft seats in my TD allowed me about an hour of driving before having to stop and walk around. I’ve still got a ways to go before “full” recovery but every day is better than the day before.

All this is to say the “You can win!!” Keep with it and know that we are all pulling for you.

Jud Chapin
Gowensville, SC, USA
TD 25009
J. K. Chapin

Gentlemen - Thank you all for the good wishes, who couldn't get better with all this great support. I have completed the first session of 8, should be finished just before Christmas. Thank you all! Cheers,
DW DuBois

And may it be a Christmas gift like no other!! Praying for you and your family


79 MGB
gary hansen

Wishing you the very best, Dave. Looking forward to good news as you finish the treatment!

Bobby Galvez

I too am a member of the Dave DuBois fan club and cast my vote for a speedy recovery.
Mort Resnicoff

David, my thoughts are with you and I wish you all the best
Huib Bruijstens

Wishes for a complete recovery!
Regards,Tom Peterson
tm peterson

Dave, my thoughts and prayers go out to you as you go through this season of your life. You have made a major impact on many of us as we went through the restoration process of our little cars. Hang in there!

Bill TD24570
Bill Brown

Stay positive through the process Dave, that's half the battle! Get well soon
Keith TD1275
Keith Yarbrough(TD 1275)

Dave, as a recipient of your MG-wisdom, I wish you all the best, too.
Willem van der Veer

You, like many others on this site have helped more people than you know. Some of us are shy about posting but please know that you are in our thoughts and prayers.
Dave TF 1826
DLH Hodson

All the best Dave.
Ron Coates

Get well soon! George
George Butz III

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