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MG TD TF 1500 - Brooklands steering Wheel Removal

Hi, wife's TD has a Brooklands steering wheel with adjustable boss (originally for a TC?). The wheel can be moved forward and backward using the boss, but it won't allow the wheel to be removed for safety.

Assumed you could loosen the column clamp and that would allow you to remove the column key and then slide the splined shaft out with the boss/wheel. However, the splined shaft seems to be fixed in the column some how. Clamp is fully loosened (key in place) and the splined shaft will not move forward or backward.

Haven't removed the column key yet because the shaft will not move in any direction. Anyone know how these were installed and be able to offer suggestions? We are rebuilding the dash and want to remove the wheel. Thanks for any help.

First picture shows the boss on her car. Second picture shows the back end of the boss from a catalog.


second picture.


A TC has a circlip at the top of the shaft so the wheel can't be pulled off.
Gene Gillam

Try a big flat blade screw diver in the slot and tap it in with a knocking stick.... to see if that will break the sticktion.
My Brooklands is a little different on the TD - It has the usual big nut on the end of the shaft per normal under the MG boss.

R D Jones - Ex Pat

That bolt might be doing more than pulling in tight. It might be in far enough that it is in a channel on the steering shaft.
Have you tried removing the bolt al the way off?

What about pulling the bolts off the top half. Might be a shaft nut under it.

Do not have one. just thing about it.
M Grogan

Had the same problem with my TD wheel. No amount of penetrating oil and various pulling methods helped. Finally removed the steering column and clamped the main shaft in a vice. A little heat and better access got it out.


Jim Haskins 1953 TD
J M Haskins

Everyone, thanks very much for your help and suggestions. I took the steering wheel cover off and there is a standard nut at the end of the splined adjustment shaft. Will remove it to remove the steering wheel. At least the wheel will not require a puller.


Jim, will keep working with the steering column clamp and hope the steering column will not need to be removed put in a vice. :-(

Regards, Bill


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