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MG TD TF 1500 - Can you identify this car?

I bought a old MG Morris Magnette repair manual and in it was an orgInal sales slip for a car. I am trying to learn the model so I can hopefully find the current owner. I know I would love it if someone found my car's bill of sale and returned it to me.

Make and model MG Spts. Sdn. 2- door

serial number GA2S3L/86804

Engine number H 26086

Thanks for the help and perhaps we can make someone very happy.


JWP Policastro

MG 1100 - 2 door

Pic attached is a 4 door but basically the same

Chris at Octarine Services

MG 1100

Chris at Octarine Services

I had one in the 1968 to 1969 time frame. It was a lovely little car, Had printed curtains on the rear window.

We were in South Florida at the time. The kids were 5 and 6. I remember piling them into the back seat early one morning and driving up to Cape Canaveral to watch the Apollo 11 launch. I do have a picture somewhere but the rocket is quite small in it. The camera was not telephoto.

Jim B.
JA Benjamin

Great little cars. MG 1100, Austin America. Transverse engine, hydronic suspension, very roomy. They rusted, and were a tad underpowered.

Be well,
D. Sander

First car I ever owned was the Austin America. Except for the odd transmission, it was a great first car.
Bruce Cunha

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