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MG TD TF 1500 - Coca Cola & M.G.

A little rum would be nice also

James Neel


(Sorry, could not help myself).

M Magilton

Matthew: My exact first thought.

g parker

And mine. Bud
Bud Krueger

A gathering of great minds - same first thought here!


Bobby Galvez

When I bought my first TF in 1959, it was just an unusual type of regular driver. Putting my foot on the "running board would not be a concern.
How things have changed, now that we have a restored and pampered historic vehicle.

"In a whiskey it's the age, in a steak, it's the flavour, however in a TF it's impossible"!
Cheers, Byron.
JB Warwick


If he had his shoe on the rubber strips, no harm no foul. However he has his clodhopper on the PAINT!

James Neel

One of our car club members had this red TD and matching Coca Cola trailer.

Mort Resnicoff

Mort, did he just get that trailer? I saw the very same unit for sale over in Bensalem last summer.
Kevin McLemore

Kevin, this photo was taken about three years ago. Shortly after that he sold the TD separately from the trailer. I don't recall what became of the trailer. When you saw the trailer was attached to a red MG?
Mort Resnicoff

No, it was not, Mort. I don't recall the price being asked, but it was for sale at the time.
Kevin McLemore

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