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MG TD TF 1500 - Dashpot

I know the early TD had a round dashpot cap that had knerling around the edge. FTFU has two types, one with writing on it and one without. I think it is the one without, but figured I would go to the people that know.
Bruce Cunha

Bruce, my TD is Sept. 1950 #3453. Caps are round with knurled edges and are vented and are ingraved with the word "oil".

... CR
CR Tyrell

Doug Pelton wrote a great article about the various caps a few years ago. I don't recall where it is, but it had pictures and great detail. Anyone know where the article is? George
George Butz III

The article is here:

See pages 6-7.
Steve Simmons

Looks like another of those "What do you have" Items. I have two sets of carbs and both have hex brass caps. I decided that these are not correct. So was purchasing the round ones from doug.

Others have said their early TD's have brass round without any lettering.
Bruce Cunha

Bruce, my 1950 TD (1275) dash post are round, knurled and have "oil reservoir" stamped on it.
Keith Yarbrough(TD 1275)

Yep, that is the other wording that appears to be original. Doug talks about those in his article. Unsure if any one is original or if all are original. It may be an item that were sorced from different suppliers, or just an item used on a variety of British and Swedish cars that had SU's
Bruce Cunha

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