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MG TD TF 1500 - Dynamo oiler

With nothing wrong with the spring of brass fitting on my TF dynamo oiler I would like to change the felt as it appears to be past its sell by date. Normal sources only appear to sell the whole think which appears to be wasteful. What felt is used any advice please?
JK Mazgaj

Good information in archives thread. Search for Dynamo Felt / Generator Oiler

Timothy Burchfield

Go to a yardage shop. They will have felt
W A Chasser

"Good information in archives thread. Search for Dynamo Felt / Generator Oiler"
Trawled through a good deal of the archives unsuccessfully so far will continue..
JK Mazgaj

JK, enter Dynamo Felt / Generator Oiler or just Dynamo felt then click on "this phrase" and "Search in thread title only". Popped right up for me.

Timothy Burchfield

Discussion on the "other" forum:,3425977

LM Cook

I answered on the TABC forum this morning but just to put it here also, I use wicking felt from McMaster-Carr. See here:
Steve Simmons

Thanks all.Very helpful however being in the UK means not cost effective to order from the USA really. However have followed member Declan Burns advice and ordered from Morris Minor Spares.
JK Mazgaj

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