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MG TD TF 1500 - Electronic Flasher Pilot Light

Converted my TF to LEDs in all the side/turn and tail/stop/turn lights and they are working after fitting an electronic flasher.

The pilot light (connected to P Terminal) is still incandescent and it does not flash, even when disconnected there is no voltage (using) a test lamp on the P terminal.

I had read that it was necessary to switch the pilot to the L (lamps) terminal, gave this a try, but it acts as a load on the circuit and causes the flasher to click. When the turn signals are activated they work, but I need to get rid of the constant clicking.

The flasher is EF33RL from CEC, seen here

Anybody experienced this? Work around? Thoughts? Bad Flasher relay?


P G Gilvarry

I had some issues when changing to all LED side and flashers.
I kept the dash incandescent and in the end switched out the flasher unit for a Litezupp electronic flasher unit

Dash indicator goes to the P terminal as normal and mounted the new flasher inside my old Lucas mechanical flasher holder so it look normal.

My set up seems to flash slower than the mechanical system I had before, but there is no feed back form the engine with this flasher unit when the engine is running. At first they would rapidly flash - only when the engine was running - otherwise they worked just fine. Figured it was due to the ignition and the low volts being used. It is all fine now.
Rod Jones

Rod can you contact me offline please. pjbm at bigpond dot com. Cheers
Peter TD 5801
P Hehir

Thanks Rod, will give them a go.

P G Gilvarry

There is no reason why you can't connect the pilot light can't be connected to the L terminal. If that doesn't work, check for a bad ground somewhere. However, if there is no voltage on the P terminal, it's probably a faulty flasher. I'm not familiar with all the "electronic" flashers out there. Some are not truly all electronic. The majority of the all electronic flashers come in a square can, not the round one. I usually recommend the Tridon EL13 to my LED tail lamp customers, as I have had the best overall success with these. (See the information at
Lew Palmer

I found this comment on the CEC web site amongst the reviews:

This is the only LED compatible X-L-P flasher unit I have been able to find that works with my vehicle (a 1969 UltraVan motorhome with Do Ray Flash-all 999 turn signal switch), and it works well for the actual turn signals. The problem is that the "P" circuit has failed on two separate units, each after less than 100 miles of use. This is the circuit that activates the pilot (indicator) light inside the switch unit itself.

Looks like you are a victim of the same malady. And the reviewer's comment about the "only LED compatible X-L-P flasher unit I have been able to find", is not true. But stick with the square can flashers.
Lew Palmer

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