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MG TD TF 1500 - engine number plate

How do you remove the engine number plate from the block ?
colin stafford

I am thinking you tap it from the inside. It is a brass knurled pin. Others will tell me if my memory is that far off.
Bruce Cunha

Mr. Stafford:

I think it's called a "drive screw". On my engine (16876) it was / is made of steel. I tried to remove it by grinding a slot in the head with a dremel tool and then using a small screw driver in an attempt to turn it out. That didn't work and I ended up by carefully grinding off the head and removing the plate without damaging it (i.e. the plate).

That left me with the problem of trying to get the rest of of the screw out so that I could put a new one in when I wanted to reattach the plate. I tried to drill it out but the drill kept going off sideways. So I stopped attempting that before I created any further damage.

I then discovered, once I got the engine further apart, that the hole that the "drive screw" goes into - goes straight through to the inside of the block - at least it does on my engine (16876). Once I discovered that - I was able to use a small diameter drift to drive the remaining length of the screw out from the inside of the block.

If you are trying to do this without taking the engine apart - I sincerely wish you luck. I understand others have done it - if they have, they are much more skillful and / or luckier than I.

Charlie King
'52 TD (16504)
C. G. King

I believe it is a hollow rivet, and is accessible from inside the block.

Tom Lange
MGT Repair
t lange

Charlie is correct, drive screw (with threads in a long spiral longitudinally) and is easily driven out from the inside.
Cheers - Dave
D.W. DuBois

Well I guess one needs to see what is used on their specific engine since the tab rivet may have been replaced several times to prepare for and after hot tank. My engines all had a hollow tube rivet that was easily punched out from inside using a small diameter drift pin punch. I was able to use them again.
Richard Cameron

If you don't have access from the inside of the block, grab the head with a good pair of vise grips and twist it counter clockwise as you pull it away from the block.
L E D LaVerne

After a little research on the internet, it seems the original hollow rivet is not readily available from most suppliers. Example -Brown and Gammons lists a replacement as a spiral shaft rivet like Charlie and Dave describe.
Richard Cameron

Thanks for the info. engine is out and dis assembled. Rivet is out and plate is off.

Tom Lange, what is your email address ? the one on the site dos not work.
colin stafford

Colin - is my e-mail address. Not sure if/why it is not working.

t lange

This thread was discussed on 09/05/2017

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