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MG TD TF 1500 - Engines on Ebay - How brave are you?

$2,850.00, no 'best offer' button. Wow, pig in a poke. This guy thinks he's got real gold there.

Engines are disassembled and left that way for a large variety of reasons. I do not care to spend $2,850.00 to find the reasons in this case.

What's your pain threshold?

They need to move the decimal point to the left.

But your getting 3 cranks, stated probably no good! I guess you could use them to moor your boat! You would have to physically look at every piece and price it accordingly. Hard row to hoe not knowing what shape those blocks are in. I think he's slightly out of the ball park on his pricing and then, no offer button? JMHO. PJ

I have been watching this offer since the first listing (this is the second. It started with an opening bid of $2000 and no one bit now it is at $2850. I would certainly have to take a look at the items before I would jump in. Certainly a lot of risk there.
A. R. Todd

You know the old saying "If you can't sell it the first time.... the second time you try -RAISE THE PRICE!"

What does scrap go for these days? If the pieces are serviceable, then maybe worth something.
C.R. Tyrell

If there are 3 cranks, I sure didn't see them; anyway, I would want a return clause based on testing the 3 cranks. Without at least 2 serviceable cranks and their respective bearing blocks, this deal is worthless

But I did see 2 blocks, 2 heads, 7 timing case covers 2 exh manifolds and what appears to be a TR4 inlet manifold.

Conditions include picking up locally in Napa.

Gord Clark
Rockburn, Qué.
Gord Clark

I know the seller, and I can say that he's a straight up guy. Haven't seen the goods nor am I suggesting anyone buy them, just saying he's a nice guy and MG enthusiast.
Steve Simmons

Steve - I know this fellow also, from years ago at Carlisle Import Show Carlisle Penna and I wouldn't buy anything from him. He reworks old SU fuel pumps and parts out T cars, NOT my favorite kind of person. Remember, EBAY is still a crap shoot with NO returns. Sam

What's wrong with reworking old parts? Do you feel it's better to buy new? Personally I always buy rebuilt original parts when possible. In fact my daily driver has one of the aforementioned SU rebuilds installed.

eBay is no more a crap shoot than any other classified ad. I've been burned once in several hundred transactions. Can't ask for more than that!
Steve Simmons

If I could, I would jump on this. It would be a long term process, but I think there is money to be made. George
George Butz

Getting back to "bravery," I bought a TC master cyl. bore from the fellow who has the engine parts, here it is:

about 2 years ago. Not an item for the faint of heart. Also got one of his $30 diaphragms for the LP SU pump, and some points. All bits installed and working just fine, including the bore in the bean can. Don't know the guy, other than getting those items from him. He does have a lot of interesting items, and more items lately. I got my original SU carbs working like a charm with two $20 "gasket overhaul kits" from Abingdon Spares.
D mckellar

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