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MG TD TF 1500 - Fitting floorboards

I have made some new floorboards and trial fitted them. I now need to fit them properly. Should I put a rubber strip or some sort of sealant between
the floorboards and the frame/body. I have received mixed advice,so I
thought I would ask the experts! Many thanks. Lionel.TD 3490.
L.F. Thorne

They never had any sealant or strips. Keep in mind that the wood will compress over time and do a pretty good job of sealing.

And here is the rub: If you seal them up I can guarantee it won't be sufficient. Water will get in one way or another, and then potentially get trapped. This will then result in wood rot and/or rust.

These cars were designed for a good deal of "slack". Take that away and you are going to cause problems somewhere else. They are old cars and in many cases, need to stay that way.
Christopher Couper

Chris. Thank you for your reply. I will fit them this weekend without a rubber strip or sealant. Lionel.
L.F. Thorne

Lionel your RHD? TD was made before mine and I'm interested in seeing how the boards fit around the upholstered front quarter panel. Are your new boards based on the original boards or had they been replaced previously? Are you able to take a few pics of the installation and post them here? I believe there is some sort of rubber pad that fits under the floor around the base of the hoop. Does anyone else have any pics of the original installation focusing on this area? Cheers
Peter TD 5801
P Hehir

There was indeed a rubber pad that was on the base of the scuttle hoop and another piece on top of the pedal box. In addition there was a long strip of felt on the frame for the trans tunnel that the floor boards get bolted to.

Pretty sure these were to help with metal to wood squeaks and as the body flexed while the car being driven.



Frank Cronin

Frank is correct on the pads and felt, but these were not seals. I suspect they were there to eliminate squeaks too.

I am curious what the rubber pads were, if any, on the earliest TD's that did not have the scuttle stiffener.
Christopher Couper

Couldn't find the pads in the TD or TF Service Parts Lists, so no reference to early or late TDs.

Both of the gaps under the two types of pads are relatively large. I kinda feel that the pads were made to seal those gaps from water splashes. The size of the gap at the roll bar depends on how tightly the kick panels wrap around the roll bar. Floorboards are cut to fit around the kick panels.

Moss Listings:

PAD, floorboard to pedal box
Part # 280-430

PAD, (under floor & around roll bar)
Part #282-670

LM Cook

Peter. The car was originally LHD,but I had it converted to RHD. In an attempt to gain extra foot room,I have made the kick panels to fit on the
'outside' of the scuttle hoop. I have therefore made the floorboards a little
wider at that point. I don't think photos of my set up will help your research.
Lonnie and Frank. I do have the rubber pads to fit over the pedal box and around the scuttle hoop.
Lionel. TD3490.

L.F. Thorne

Hi All,

Please see rubber pads as mentioned above.

N Ross

Thanks Lionel. I hope you don't mind me asking the following. The pic from N Ross shows a line of stitching along the bottom of the upholstery. Is this original and if so does anyone know how much of the edge of the upholstered front quarter panel was stitched, how far from the edge and what is the stitch spacing, e.g. how many stitches to the inch? Cheers
Peter TD 5801
P Hehir

If this was a TF, I can say unfortunately the picture above of the kick panel is not original.

Pretty sure it's the same way on the TD though.


Frank Cronin

Just for completeness - my photo above is of TD/C 19349 - also there is the factory felt strip on the trans tunnel.
N Ross

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