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MG TD TF 1500 - Hidden Bolt - Body Frame to Chasis

Any suggestions on how to remove the rear-most bolt that holds the body frame to the chassis of my TF?

The nut is directly above the nut for the leaf spring. And it's trapped by the "ears" of the chassis and the side of the body frame.

I'm trying to grip the nut with an adjustable wrench held vertically, but it ain't working. The nut and bolt are almost frozen together. The body frames on the left side and the right side are equally difficult.

And Ö
Question #2: How will I bolt the body frame to the chassis with the painted tub attached?

Thanks for your help,


Here is the hole in the chassis that accepts the bolt for the body frame. The bolt and nut for the leaf spring extend past the hole.

LM Cook

Remove the spring nut and prise the bolt flush Then you can use a socket on the tub bolt. Or pull the floorboard and grind the bolt head off and replace.

Bill Chasser
W A Chasser

Remove the spring nut and prize the bolt flush Then you can use a socket on the tub bolt. Or pull the floorboard and grind the bolt head off and replace.
W A Chasser

Thanks Bill,

The floorboards are out. No wood. No body panels. No engine or gearbox. The car is on jack stands.

I looked at the spring bolt and nut today. The head of the spring bolt is inside the "ear" of the chassis. Is it accessed through the large hole in the side of the "ear"? Probably takes a socket and short extension through the hole(?)

I assume that I reverse the procedure to reattach the chassis frame with completed tub(?) That is Ö If I ever get to that stage!

I'll try tomorrow morning. Better spray some PB Blaster on the spring bolt tonight.

LM Cook

Throw away such penetrants as PB blaster and make up your own penetrant from 50% ATF and acetone or keytone.
This concution is many times better than anything available for purchase.
I will look up and send to you the test results and I am certain you will be pleased with it.

Thanks Sandy,

Iíve heard about the mix for years. Never made it.

By the way, I scooted the spring bolt back which allowed me to get to the rear nut on the body frame.

Returned the spring bolt to position and attached the nut. Bolt didnít spin. Hope it doesnít spin when I tighten after the chassis is blasted and painted. Canít get to the head through the holes in the sides and bottom of the ďearsĒ on the chassis.

LM Cook

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