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MG TD TF 1500 - How many Lift the Dots?

I'm about to tackle the carpet install on my TD restoration and I'm ordering supplies. Studying Chris Couper's excellent instructions, it appears I need the following Lift the Dot fasteners:

Total of 7 snaps for the carpet.
Three machine screw studs for the firewall (two for the small trim piece above the transmission tunnel and one just under the steering column).
Four wood screw studs for the snaps next to the driver and passenger seat runners.

Am I missing any studs/snaps?

David Littlefield

May I suggest some additional snaps?
Behind the seats is an optional piece of carpet that sits over the access cover used to check and lube the differential

From Time to Time it may need to be removed.

I added 4 of, what you are calling, the wood screw attached snaps. These are invisible from the top and cannot be readily seen, but they hold the carpet in place and can easily be unsnapped to access the drive.

Jim B.

JA Benjamin

Brilliant, Jim, thanks! I'll add those to the list. Would you suggest some for the back of that piece, too, or is that unnecessary?
David Littlefield

I did not use them there. My carpet seems to lay flat.
You could if you want.

I did use two more on the carpet piece that runs vertically up the step behind the seats.
Way in the outer corners, just to keep it stretched.

The screws that hold the extra snaps do hold the carpet upright.

Jim B.
JA Benjamin

I use adhesive velcro in the corners of the mat on the rear deck. Bud
Bud Krueger

I have a little carpet mat behind the seat too. Just have it lay there with no snaps. My seat is always all the way back so it's confined on all sides and gravity or the stuff sitting on it keeps it in place. :-)
Christopher Couper

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