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MG TD TF 1500 - 'In Memorium' section of site needed?

Let's face it. Each and every one of us will some day have a fitting tribute written here just like Dave's. Would a permanent "In Memorium" section of this site be appropriate? It would be used to permanently recognize those who have given so much to this forum or have a LBC to pass on to their heirs. Perhaps on the existing drop down list in upper right corner of site?

I, for one, would love my son to be able to post here someday.


efh Haskell

Great idea. Sometimes an archive search brings up really great names from the past. George
George Butz III

I think a single thread devoted to each deceased person allows for more visibility and chance for a comment. I can't see myself clicking on a separate drop down list just to see who had died.

Timothy Burchfield

Problem is they drop off the list after a period of time and become lost in eternity.
efh Haskell

I think a thread is a great memorial
Bruce Cunha

Yeah,I'm with Tim on this, just in general discussion for me--
It's always a sad time when we loose someone but personally I couldn't see myself clicking on a list of departed friends
William Revit

Never mind I guess. Not much interest.
efh Haskell

The good guys keep showing up. A few minutes ago I was archive digging and came across a thread that I started a dozen plus years ago, 'MGA Carburetor into TD MKII'. Dave DuBois and Bob Jeffers were right there with their offerings of help. RIP. Bud
Bud Krueger

I Agree Bud. Was over to your site last night and found an article by Dave DuBois that I had not read before.

Bruce Cunha

This thread was discussed between 30/01/2019 and 15/02/2019

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