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MG TD TF 1500 - Is your TF on the T Register?

Please would you search for your TF on the MG Car Club T register website? If it isn't there, then please add it.

Go to:

The factory made 9,602 TFs and I have a record of 2,983 of them. I would love to reach 3,000.

Barrie Jones
TF Registrar
MGCC T Register

B T Jones

Barrie I have numbers of a couple of TF's I have worked on in the last few years that are not on your register. Do you want those?
L E D LaVerne

Would it not be wonderful to gather 3200, a third of the production in existence some 63 years later.

Mine (TF9503) was almost 600 before the end of production and it was made 41 days before the end of production, just under 6 weeks, so 100 cars/day was very impressive for the era!


P G Gilvarry

I tried to load my data yesterday, but there was a problem with the security question. Let me know when it is up again.

Cheers, Byron.
JB Warwick

Barrie, Mine 8353 is in there. PJ

PJ Jennings

Byron ... I just tested the system and it worked for me.

Mr LaVerne ... yes please. Just tell me the numbers and when you worked on them.

I have so far received details of 4 new TFs and updates regarding another 4.

B T Jones

Hi Byron

As Barrie said, the system seems to be working OK. Barrie and I conversing about your problem, so can you describe it here, or if you prefer and to stop clogging up the BBS thread, you can email me the problem via

David Wardell

I submitted my data to-day and it worked fine. I could not see how to post a photo. Let me know.
My car is TF 2302. I also know where TF 2301 and TF 2303 are in Ontario. All arrived in Montreal and all were MG Red with disc wheels.
JB Warwick

Byron, just below the button for ‘Update Car’ there is one for ‘Upload / Change Photo’.
Make sure you are already in the record for car whose photo you want to change.


David Wardell

Barrie I worked on this one in the spring of 2016

L E D LaVerne

It went to California last fall

L E D LaVerne

This one was at my place until late fall last year.

L E D LaVerne

At that time it was shipped to the Denver, Colorado area to be sold...where bouts now unknown.

L E D LaVerne

This car also not on your register is for sale in Idaho, USA

L E D LaVerne

Is there a way to search for a TD when I only have the engine number. The number is #4781
The former owner said it was car # 5T5743799. It was an Ontario TD and I have a manual from that car and would pass it to the new owner.
Cheers, Byron
JB Warwick

It is wonderful that nearly 1/3 of the total TF production still exists and is accounted for, over 50 years after the last one left Abingdon. How many other cars (short of exotics) can claim that kind of survival rate?
Jack Long

True, though they would be worth considerably more if there were fewer. Whether that is good or bad depends on your circumstances and opinion.
Dave H
Dave Hill

Byron, you can’t currently search the T Type factory records by engine number. We’re currently figuring out what to do about improving the availability of records we hold but it will be some time before that happens.

However you can email our TD Registrar Geoff Matthews and he will let you know the car a particular engine was originally installed in -

David Wardell

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