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MG TD TF 1500 - looking for vintage Dunlop valve stem tool

I'm looking to buy a vintage Dunlop valve stem removal tool. if you have one for sale please let me know.



Tburchfi at gmail dot com

Tim Burchfield

eBay UK strikes again :-) There are two right now on UK eBay. Not identical in the crosshatch. May not be exact, but darned close.

S Griffin

Simon, thanks again. I didn't see them in my last Google search.


Tim Burchfield

One can't help but notice that neither has the hole for the snap ring as the originals in the day had.
Larry Brown

I have wondered if the one with the hole is the only one supplied at that time? It would seem that this tiny tool evolved and had some iterations over the years.
S Griffin

When I removed the old felt in the tool box on my TD to replace it I found a valve core remover under the old felt. So I can say with very good chance this is the one that came with the car when new. This tool is made of brass but has no markings, no spiral grip or hole for a ring. The groves are straight . If Donlop had made it it would have been so marked like the tire irons in the tool kits. Forrest TD/C22679
Forrest Rubenstein

That is very interesting.
Some Years ago I looked into making some.
I was able to approximate the spiral knurl and the correct overall length and configuration but stamping "DUNLOP" on the tool stopped me. I was concerned about copyright infringement.
If they were available less the stamping I could make some.
Not having to put a spiral knurl on the tool would further simplify the job.

attached is my prototype.
It does have the securing hole.

Jim B.

JA Benjamin

Look in the archives for Dunlop and tool. 2014 and 2015 had some lengthy discussions. Lots of input from Jim B. Bud
Bud Krueger

To stamp the Dunlop on something as small a diameter as the core tool is hard to do without stamps that are curved to the same radius. Forrest TD/C 22679
Forrest Rubenstein

My plan was to set up the DUNLOP die, with individual letters, using a spring load for uniform pressure and to roll the tool through the Die.

I did come close but, it would have needed a lot more fixtureing and with my Copyright concern I let it die. (No pun)

Attached pix shows how close or far I came.

Jim B.

JA Benjamin

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