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MG TD TF 1500 - LooseTips on Spark Plugs

How can I keep the screw-on tips on spark plugs from becoming loose? They don't completely unscrew; just a turn or two. Has not affected performance. Champion N5C non-resistor plugs.


LM Cook

Just use a spot of Locktite and they should not unscrew. If you have some JB weld a dab-will do-you.
Sandy Saunders

Hi Sandy -

I was concerned that Lok-Tite or JB Weld would hurt conductivity.

LM Cook

Give them a twist with a pair of pliers. Always works for me. It doesn't take much torque.


Sweat solder them
W. A. Chasser

Just take a pair of dikes( side cutters ) and "bite" a couple threads cross ways. Then use a pair of plyers to tighten the tip.

M Grogan

Funny, just had to do this to a couple plugs today. I just tighten them gently with a set of slim nosed pliers.
Steve Simmons

I'm with the pliers solution. Just like tightening a nut. Simple & completely reversible. Cheers
Peter TD 5801
P Hehir

I also never had a problem if I tightened them with a pliers. Regards. Tom
tm peterson

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