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MG TD TF 1500 - MG 2016

MG 2016 WWW.MG2016.COM, reservations are about 50% filled. Anyone going from Colorado, or New York?
Len Fanelli

Thinking about it..
MG LaVerne

I'm thinking about it also. Would have to put the car in a box behind the motor home, I definitely wouldn't drive the TF that far. PJ

Just got an email about MG2016

>> By the way, NONE of the hotels have trailer parking. The MG2016 has set up a fenced-in parking lot for the tow vehicles and trailers. We will be trailering.<<
Don't shoot the messenger!!

Steve Wincze

More incentive to drive the MG there... I drove the Green Hornet about 5500 miles to get to the last one. When you start your T will look like this.

MG LaVerne

And when you arrive...more like this.

MG LaVerne

5332 miles to be exact... I thought about doing the show without washing the car ...badge of honor thing... but wound up giving her a bath.

MG LaVerne

I'm registered, but will drive the A. What could possibly fill up? bus seats for field trips, banquet seats?

I'm thinking 2 long days to Louisville, or 3 easy days from Albuquerque. Cindy (wife) beat me for the longest day driving the A at 700 miles (to the GT in Whistler).

Tyler Irwin

Trailer parking is acrost the street from the Crowne plaza. All hotels are in walking distance.
Trailer parking is $ 25 for the week
Len Fanelli

A bit far from Australia for me, but my Club President and a half dozen other MG Ozzi Adventurers are attending, as part of their 45 day Trans Canada tour. They left their MGs in Vancouver after driving up from Chile earlier this year.
A couple are doing a talk / presentation on their numerous journeys around the world in their classic MGs (Bs). Among their trips so far are Peking to London, Cape Town to London (including Europe), Chile to Alaska.

They are looking forward to MG 2016.
Stuart Duncan

Stuart I lost the link to their blog. You wouldn't happen to have that would you?

MG LaVerne

I've been in contact with them,, I'll send info ehen I get to my laptop

Steve Wincze

Thanks Steve
MG LaVerne

I've got the latest (received last week) xcell spread sheet of their fantastic 48 day experience, but I can't seem to paste it here,,
Steve Wincze

Steve, if you send it to me I'll see if I can post it on Ttalk. Bud
Bud Krueger

Try opening
You'll need to have Excel and a browser. Bud
Bud Krueger

I've been to the last three MG Internationals - great event. Some of the MG registers use this for their Annual marquée event.

I met LaVerne in Reno in 2011. He wasn't a well man at the time, but seems to have rebounded. At the Gatlinburg event in 2006, the Triple M Register had a wonderful turnout including 5 Airline Coupés. The NEMGTR had a Western GOF.

I doubt I'll be able to go this time. Its a long drive to Louisville (1,400 Km), and at 83, my family are dead set against me going alone (But I'd sure love to - windscreen down all the way!).

Expect between 900 and 1200 MGs.

Gord Clark
Rockburn, Qué.
Gord Clark

The medicine men have managed to squeeze another 4 1/2 years out of me Gord. Be a shame if I manage to get there and you weren't there with something for the pancakes. But I understand, the longer I'm here the less I am able to do.
MG LaVerne

Haven't ruled it out yet LaVerne, but I have to con my daughter into coming with me (she owns 3 MGs and a Bugeye) ... not sure how this is going to play out . .. stand by.

LaVerne's reference to pancakes, refers to my specialty "MG Quiz" which I frequently held, at MG events. I schlepped a full case of Canadian wine in the TF to Gatlinburg for the winner, a 14-yr old boy from a teetotaling family. I was less ambitious for Reno and instead, took a dozen tins of Québec maple syrup as prizes. Our breakfast quizzes were fun and well-attended.

My final decision will also be influenced by health. If I do go, it will be very much as last-moment decision.

Gord Clark
Rockburn, Qué.
Gord Clark

Gord and LaVerne, I hope you both can make it....
TRM Maine

It seems a bit unfair that when you have time and hopefully resources, one's health does not bring its A game to the table. I have yet to make a large event but would love to go... Driving all the way.

Alex Waugh

I always thought they had it backwards. They should give you 20 years of pension when you get out of school so you can enjoy it...and then work you until you croak.

I hope we all make it Tom.
MG LaVerne

Diane and I will be there in Tommy, I'm also doing two talks on 'tuning by the numbers'

Picture from our trip around the Great Lakes.


Dave Braun

Anyone else going?
Len Fanelli

Not I...all car showed out this year.
But I hope everyone that does go gets there and back safely and has a great time.

Gene Gillam

Jo Ann and I are going to MG2016. But I'm "driving" Southwest Airlines. The TF is staying home in Orlando.

Dave, I'll be in the audience for your "Tuning by the Numbers."

I would like to meet up with you guys. My cell is (407) 670-9679

LM Cook

I'm going but my car's not finished. I'll be driving (I hope I will be forgiven) a Chevy Volt.

TW Burchfield

I'm going, and had hoped to have the TD finished in time, but machine shop still has not finished yet. Dave, I'll be at your tuning session and I'm also going to Horst Schach's tech session on coach building.

Charlie Adams

The wife and I will be driving the "A" down by way of Vicksburg, Mississippi for a submarine reunion the weekend prior to MG1600. Looking forward to both events, Marvin, ct
Marvin Stuart

I'll be there with my granddaughter and the old white TD. Tom

tom scott

For LaVerne and others interested,

The Aussie Adventures passed through our area a few days ago and we a great time with them. They had a problem with a car, and our members were able to help them on their way. For those interested, their web site is,

Their blogs and pictures are available at this site.I talked to them about their visit to Louisville and they are very excited about being there. I hope those attending MG2016, have as good a time as I did in Reno.

George Raham

I get the 2015 trip from that link,, I'll search for the 2016 trip,,What an adventure !!!!!

Steve Wincze

Check the link on Ttalk - Bud
Bud Krueger

Sorry LaVerne, I'm coming with "Smudge", the PA. The Airline is staying home this year. But I do give special people rides in the PA.

I will be there with my grey TF-1500 but have wimped out and am borrowing a trailer.

Jack Long

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