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MG TD TF 1500 - MGTD Racing

Raced at the Limerock Fall Festval this weekend. Videos below.
The last one (4) has a bit more excitement than the rest, but they're all interesting! Qualified third, dropped to fifth and worked my way back to third on the last lap.
F Filangeri

Nice stuff!
Steve Simmons

Jealous!!!! Top speed in that TD?
efh Haskell

Great, Frank. Thanks a bunch. I've recently chopped the daylights out of my monthly cable bill and am getting much use of YouTube on my Roku. Discovered that you have quite a few videos on YouTube that can be seen by searching for your name. You'll shortly have none that say 0 views. Bud
Bud Krueger

Great racing, thankyou for posting. Yes, top speed please.

Can you post a front end on photo, as I would like to see how you have attached headlights and cycle guards.
Stuart Duncan 1950 YT

Speedo is not connected but with 4.875 rear and 185 70x15 tires should top out at about 105 mph. Rev limiter is set at 7300. On a good run, average lap speed at Limerock Park is about 77 mph.

Will take some closeups of fender mounts over the weekend and post.
F Filangeri

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