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MG TD TF 1500 - NG-Q replica

Should be MG-Q title.

Based on an MG-TA

Jim B.
JA Benjamin

That's a very elegant conversion. I'd drive it, assuming it lives up to its description.

D A Provan

Hmmm ...Interesting. As some of you may know, I own a Triple M MG and the Q-Type falls into that category. So I have an inherited interest in this very pretty Q-Type Replica.

Replicas are becoming BIG business now. So much so that even seemingly-impossible-to-repliacte engines are becoming a reality, and to a lesser degree, ditto for gearboxes. That would include the Bugatti Type 50 and 35 engines. And a whole host of 12-cyl Ferrari engines. The only common denominator ... is money.

It appears that a lot of money has been spent on what is basically an MG TA chassis with a Wolsley drive train, and not in my opinion, an MG Q-type except in looks. For the kind of money spent, I doubt that it would have hurt the owner to go a few extra miles, and poney-up for a real Tom Dark 6-cylinder MG K3 OHC engine. And, its not impossible to find a ENV Pre-Selector gearbox, as they do pop up from time-to-time on the internet. In fact, I easily found one specifically for the MG Q-type! (not sure if its for sale, or not).

So, pretty as it is, I just wonder why the owner didn’t make the effort to bring it much closer to the original. Its for sale on eBay and the bidding is at $30, K US, with 4 days left, and I don’t think it will go too much higher.

Gord Clark
Rockburn, Qué.
Gord Clark

Q type had a 4 pot engine Gord.
r stott

Oooops. For someone who considers hisself somewhat well-versed in matters MG, I am embarrassed. I stand corrected. Never too humble to eat a bit of pie.

In any event, with 11 hrs to go, the reserve hasn't been met Sitting at $37K+ Don't recognize the EBay handle "96Witton". This car is located quite near to me and I know most of the MG chaps in Vermont. I'm curious who would spend a zillion shekels on a replica, especially one that would be an iffy sale on EBay.

Maybe he/she'll get a last moment rush. We'll know in 11 hours.

Gord Clark
Rockburn, Qué.
Gord Clark

His name is Jim and he has restored a Riley (I think) to VERY high standards.

Tom Lange
t lange

It didn't go much higher, and it didn't meet its reserve.

These bodies are for sale in the UK and I prefer to call it a MG TA special instead of a Q-type replica.

A real Q has a 750 cc engine with a frontmounted supercharger and a crossflow cylinderhead.

Mine has these fitted on an Xpag, but I still prefer to call it a TA special.

See pic


Erik van Hardeveld

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