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MG TD TF 1500 - Observations of an early TD

I have the TD 1250 at my place...well a good portion of it now. This car was taken apart in 1962. Original color was green..yet to be determined if it was Ash or Almond. At some point during the prior 12 years it was sprayed red and then black. The now exposed original paint on the bulkhead is certainly a very fine metallic. I still need to do a closer examination of the running boards where I have removed the tread strips and the front fenders where it was against the frame. The initial observation was that all of the exposed paint was metallic in those areas. The exposed paint on the tub itself however does not appear to be metallic at this point, but a closer inspection is yet in order.

L E D LaVerne

The joint at the rear fender appears metallic. The color difference way well just be the lighting or not?

L E D LaVerne

I do not believe that the interior panel had ever been off of the passenger door from new. Interesting markings and here the paint does not appear to metallic.

L E D LaVerne

Joe had his hand in both seat bottoms but I do not know what the red mark signifies

L E D LaVerne

Not as legible on the other seat but clearly there. Of interest to me also is the linen type cloth around the front edges of both seat bottoms seen in this image.

L E D LaVerne

Original color of the seat back

L E D LaVerne

The grille slats were chrome and the there is no evidence of any paint.

L E D LaVerne

It also appears that the headlight supports were also originally chrome underneath the later black paint.

L E D LaVerne

I'm not sure what to think of the cushions on the rear axle check straps

L E D LaVerne

The exacting position of the riviots and the fit of the material seems to be too good for a home replacement. Thoughts welcome from anyone.

L E D LaVerne

The bonnet corner buffers were manufactured from the same red rubber.

L E D LaVerne

Thats about it for now.

L E D LaVerne

LaVerne, I love automotive detective work. It appears that there is another red mark peaking out from under the seat track in picture number 5. Could the red mark be approved?

Tim Burchfield

Peeling back the layers is always interesting. This car surely has a great deal of inspection/ makers marks. The Dash C(G) notation on the door is particularly of interest. Anything special or different on the dash from the norm?

I believe the slats were added later as chrome slats didnít arrive until later TD/c production. Chroming of the arms likely done later as well. What you find re the green will certainly add more conversation to the question of finishes related to the metallic usage

Eyes wide open as you continue the documentation. What is the vin# on this one ?

Bill Chasser
W A Chasser

Looks a lot like the metallic green that was on my TF....
J K Barter

1250 Bill.. I have doubts that either the slats or the headlight supports were replaced or plated by the owner. The headlight buckets are chrome and original KOR's with left hand drive Lucas lights. I did not see any hand markings on the dash panels
L E D LaVerne

LaVerne, my car 8105 came with chrome headlamps. FWIW.
TRM Maine

What's your goal? Total resto?
efh Haskell

We're headlight brackets ever chromed from the factory?

Tim Burchfield

"Were headlight brackets ever chromed from the factory?"

At least early, they were. My TD3042 had/still has chromed supports. The change probably happened concurrently with the change from chromed to painted headlight buckets.
Lew Palmer

TD 4139 has chrome headlights and painted supports.

Check to see if you can find any weld marks on the supports Lavern. These break so easily, that they could have been repaired and then chromed to cover the repair. Chrome was a lot less expensive in the 50's

You might want to look at Talas bookbinding for a near rexine fabrick. Their shamrock green in the Euro Library Buckram looks like a close color.

This product is the closest to the original older material like on your TD.
Bruce Cunha

What is on the other side of the bonnet rubbers? It looks like a slotted screw, and I think they were originally a smooth headed split rivet? The rebound check straps sure look factory, but all I have seen were a single piece of rubber with split rivets again. Also have never seen red rubber..George
George Butz

Ed... yes..Belongs to Mark

Thanks Bruce for the rexine tip. No welds on the supports. One has a broken ear and I think and both are fairly corroded. I believe we will source another pair.

I saw quite a bit of red rubber when I was a kid. I think I noticed one in a sack with a bunch of other bits that is in better shape than those I removed.
L E D LaVerne

La Verne. My TD 4490 had when I bought it
Chrome slats, head lamps and support.
Chrome door hinges and petrol tank side panels,
Chrome facia panel.
merry christmas and a Happynew Year to
you all.

Thoralf. NORWAY TD 4490
Thoralf Sorensen (TD4490)

La Verne,

On the first photo, does it appear there is a second and darker green color in the upper right of the photo?

Perhaps you will have original paint under the gasoline tank side covers.


Charlie Adams

I at one point understood the there were metalics but on body only while wings were solid color due to spot repair to metallics being had to blend.

"I at one point understood the there were metallics but on body only while wings were solid color due to spot repair to metallics being had to blend."

This does seem to be the trend I observed. Also another car has much darker non metalic green for the wings too.
Christopher Couper

another bit...rear spring perch pads

L E D LaVerne

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