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MG TD TF 1500 - Oil Filter and Pressure

The TF has the oil filter conversion to take modern screw on filters.

Recently I changed the filter and oil. The car was fitted with Unipart GFE 433 and is now fitted with a Reisse.

The engine always ran at 50/60 psi on load dropping to 25 psi on tickover. With the new filter it barely reaches 50 psi on load and drops dangerously low - 5 psi or less) on tickover.

1. What is other peoples experience?

2. Is there a solution - different oil filter or?

R J Marshall

RJ, What filter did you use? PJ
PJ Jennings

I have a TF and an oil filter conversion that takes the Unipart GFE433 filter (I think it came from Roger Furneaux). No change at all to oil pressure from previously, drops to 30psi on tickover. Each time I've changed it I've fitted another Unipart GFE433.
Dave H

Dave Hill

I think you have answered your own question
Which filter gives you the best oil pressure
Looks like UnipartGFE433-----
Did you use identical oil as before when you changed it
William Revit

If pressure definitely dropped with change, it must be the filter. Or you used a too thin viscosity oil? I had same issue some years ago with my TD spin-on adaptor. Went to the parts store and found something that seemed to fit which caused real low oil pressure. I don't remember the exact problem, but switched filter/brands and that fixed. George
George Butz

I had a Unipart GFE 433 but no one, including Unipart could trace it. I have fitted a Reisse 48140026.

The oil was/is 20/50 from Classic Oils (22 per 5 litres). I have used cheaper oils with no ill effect.

A significant point is that for a fairly popular car it is increasingly hard to source simple standard components. I prefer to use local suppliers

Ons should be able to source filters etc locally in the UK for there are many old cars about. In our village of 400 persons there are about 50/50 old cars from a racing single seater Vaushall (of which only 2/3 exist) 15/20 MGs from Ms through K types to MGCs plus Bugattis, Bentleys and the odd racing Ferrari. Nearby it possible to buy old F1 cars.
R J Marshall

I got my GFE433 filters from a seller on ebay.
Dave H
Dave Hill

Interesting this thread should come up as I about to order a replacement filter for the original unit. From Moss 10 for filter and seals and 66 to send it to Ireland.
What are the advantages of the adapters and the modern screw on filters?
Do these asthetically not look out of place?
Thanks Darryl
Darryl Lamb

Quicker to change and better filtering.
Dave H
Dave Hill

What did you go for Dave and where did you get it?
Darryl Lamb


Was 66 a typo? From where to Ireland?

Having parts sent to Australia has bad enough freight costs, but for a relatively small and light item what I am reading seems like highway robbery.

Re oil filters; I got my spin on adapter from Bob Grunau. For access to a range of quality filters it seems like the way to go. You will find some interesting stuff on youtube of people testing different brands of filters.

A relatively small one off cost, then cheaper, probably better renewables that are more widely available, easier, cleaner filter changes, and easily reversible. An easy decision for me.

M R Calvert

Darryl. Try Roger Furneaux "Mad Metrics" first (01566 783111) and if he is out, then Peter Edney.
Dave H
Dave Hill

There is a typo in the messages above, the filter number should be GFE443. I have also used an equivalent from Halfords that worked just as well. Loads on ebay uk.
Dave H
Dave Hill

Darryl. MG Octagon Car Club also have the oil filter spin on conversion for a very good price. They sell to members and non-members.
Dave H
Dave Hill

Thanks Guys 66 wasn't a typo that's what came up for shipping from UK to Ireland!
Darryl Lamb

Darryl. Who would have thought that oil filters would ever get to travel 1st Class! :-) Cheers
Peter TD 5801
P Hehir

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